Junko 'Jubilee' Derek (brave_jderek) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
Junko 'Jubilee' Derek

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Working on fixing her old jacket after getting it caught in a door, she added little studs and colorful thread to it. A smile crossed her face when she was done, finally satisfied with the outcome. "Well that saved one jacket" she said with a smile. Usually wearing the green shiny peacoat she adored, this was just another one of her black dusters but she loved it none the less.

Proping her feet on a table she watched as the students poored into the common room. Her rat renee made its way threw the crowd and sat its white furry self at her feet. Scooping her up she gave her a peanut she kept in her pocket from dinner. The rat took it and devoured it graciously. "You act like i dont feed you" she laughed.
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