Junko 'Jubilee' Derek (brave_jderek) wrote in _swish_n_flick,
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After the Harry incident she shrugged it off and felt better, it was like a five year weight was lifted off her chest. "Amazing, i just needed that to start living my life" she laughed to herself. She had a blast with the new guy the day before, he was wicked nice she could get used to having friends like that.

Wandering around the hallway Jubilee felt free from restriction, Her hair was up in a messy side ponytail, wearing a striped shirt and blue capris that are belted tight with a studded fire engine red belt. The outfit was topped off with her saddle shoes that she thought just fit the moment, she had her usual jelly braclets and string braclets on her wrists and string anklets visbile on her sockless ankles. Her dragon fly tattoo also noticable on her left ankle. Buzzing around she felt like getting into trouble.

Turning the corner of one hall, she sneaks past some students, shocked she wasnt heard with all her jewelery and metal. Thinking she made a clean break she smacks into someone.
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