Dyre had finally gotten away from the clutches of her parents, and found herself in the middle of a large school. Professor Dumbledore had sent her to her dorm, Ravenclaw. After putting her things in no particular order, she walked out of her dorm and smiled. Having already memorized the map she was given, she found the Great Hall with ease and sat down at the Ravenclaw table...
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Sometimes... I hate looking like you

Adrien and Damien are new... I AM ADRIEN...add him

Stepping off the train, his identical twin brother beside him, Adrien looked at the castle. "I'm not so sure about this" he said shaking his head. Dumbledore had made plans to meet with them seperately so Adrien left Damien there and went on his way to find the Ravenclaw common room.

Making his way up the stairs he noticed his trunk soon vanished, all he had was his messenger bag covered in pins and patches. He blinked that was the only part of him that didn't look professional, his love for music of all kinds.

Looking at the pictures they all seemed to stare at him as if he had been there before and now they were confused. "Damien must have already passed" he shrugged.
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(no subject)

Glorie was sitting in the library, reading up on herbology. Her green eyes searched the pages, looking for a certain plant. Ah ha there it is, I knew I could find it! She put the book down and finished the assignment, not aware that someone had sat down at her table, when she looked up she saw....
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OPEN! (Somebody... Anybody?)

Dana was finally released from the hospital wing. Go figure nobody, except Jubi who was already in the hospital wing, knew that she was there. Dana really wasn't too upset, just at the Slytherin who hexed her. She didn't even know his name, but she sure knows what he looks like. He'd better hope he doesn't run into her or she might just lose it. In her spare time she was walking along the lake. She stopped and sat up against a shady tree and pulled her legs up to her chest. She hummed a tune lightly as she watched the sun dance upon the water boredly.
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Judd was walking down to gryffindor Tower, hoping to run itno Memphis or Neville. He was really hoping to run into Neville, he had a feeling the poor boy neded someone who understood to hear him out. Judd wasn't going to push...just offer.

Anthony Only

Glorie was sitting on the couch in the Ravenclaw commonroom staring into the fire. Things might just look up. She leaned back resting her head on the couch and closed her eyes for a minute. She opened her eyes to find herself no longer alone. She saw Anthony had just entered the commonroom and smiled, "Hey."
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Airynn wandered the grounds bored and lonely. She had been very hobbit like lately. Her pale skin was offset by her dark locks of hair. She squinted her eyes as she looked at the sun.
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Open to Any Males

Pansy was very much back to her old self. Bitchy. She was doing great.She walked down the halls, in her bathing suit and robes undone down to her belly button. She walked and out of the corner of her eye she saw a boy staring at her. She stopped,and staring straight ahead said "Is there something I can help you with?"
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black and white


Chloe yawned as she walked away from the dungeons. Her boots clicked, as always, and met with her knees. Her short black skirt was frayed at the bottoms. Her white button up shirt sleeves were rolled up to her elbows and her tie hung loose around her neck, revealing the four or five buttons that had been left undone on the top of her shirt. Some of her dark hair fell on her shoulder and she yawned, walking into the Astronomy tower. She shut the door behind her and leaned against the wall, thinking.
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Mora Smart


Agh Paint! she said in her head looking at her multicolored hands. Wandering from room to room for a bathroom. Coming back from art she didnt realize she had knocked over reappearo paint, 'what once was missing now appears' she sighed looking at the colors she must have spilled everywhere.

Mora made her way to the only bathroom she could find, and from deep inside the corner she heard wailing. "Oh Merlin... of all the bathrooms..." her voice quietly trailed off as Moaning Myrtle came out to taunt her for not visiting before and for not noticing the closed off sign like everyone else does. When Mora tried to protest Myrtle took it as an offense and started shrilling some more.

Grabbing her things, she excused herself and rushed out the door her hands finally clean. Finally making good distance from the room, she looked back to be sure Myrtle hadn't followed her. Seeing that she hadn't she quickly turned but it was too late.... she smacked into someone spilling her books every which way. "Bloody hell" she sighed heavilly.
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