Swirling Sands: School of the Elemental Arts

In the absence of light, darkness prevails

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Welcome to Swirling Sands: School of the Elemental Arts. There are 6 specific areas of studies: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, and Shadow. You are to keep this journal as a way to record your studies, write down thoughts and ideas, and to communicate with other classmates. You may ward specific people from your posts but Only the headmistress/high priestess have the power to break these wards.

There is also trouble about. Rumor has it that Nikara, a powerful Shadow mage and alumni of this school, is gathering followers to overtake the school. Her followers may be among you. She is gathering the strongest and draining the powers of the weakest. You must be cautious at all times.

You may start out at whatever level you like but be careful. You can get up to as high as level 10, which is when you graduate. Beyond there you are left to study on your own, but you may make frequent visits to the school. It takes time and work to reach the next level.

Rumor also has it that there is one among the students with the ability to master all the elements. Most can only master 3 at the most before becoming corrupted. If the student is to revel him or herself, we would have a rare one amingst our midsts.

Rules of the school:
-No posts that are R rated with out permission of the high priestess/headmaster... ( in other words just IM or email me at witchgurl122991@aol.com)
-Use bubbles to ward off. Ex: "{warded from all with the threat of nasty burns}" Get it? good.
-Update often, so not as to get left out.
-Be nice
-If you decide to become a follower of Nikara, use bubbles to declare so.

To apply have the following information about your character:









Short Bio:

Fala Y. LaLuna {headmistress/high priestess}
Elyon Charomile {Earth teacher}
Nicolai Chekorvski {Wind teacher}
Jazlyn Raisa {Fire teacher}
Kaei Madrea {co-Shadow teacher}
Kal Madrea {co-Shadow teacher}

Water House:
Vie Arroser

Fire House:
Kasai McDougal

Earth House:
Light Totchter

Wind House:

Lightning House:
Luzanna Juniper

Shadow House:
Darius Juniper
Night Totchter