Swing Kids essay

I do a little 'zine/publication called The HI-FI Reader that covers high-end audio and music. In the current issue, I wrote a lengthy article on Swing Kids and it also has a short interview w/ Justin Pearson at the end. Check it out here: www.hi-fireader.blogspot.com

7" cover

does anyone know the origins of the artwork on the cover of the swing kids 7" like who it is playing the saxophone and where the photo initially came from?

Show in San Diego this Friday!

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Friday, February 18, 2005
5:30pm, absolutely FREE


Lauren's House
1468 Lakeridge Lane
El Cajon CA 92020


Rail Them to Death: members of Some Girls, Secret Fun Club, sheer brutality, will split your head open
Japandi: ex-Mister Valentine, mathy, spacey, gorgeous
the View From Space: heavy, epic, will crush you to death
Jazz Electric Windmill: pulsating, spazzy, chaotic mayhem
the Shebas: darkest, meanest bass & drums combo in San Diego

This show will be awesome. Cancel your plans and come out for some serious rock action.