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o1. name: Brianna
o2. where do you live: Bay City Michigan
o3. age: 13
o4. how did you find us: my friend Janel
o5. are you taken or single: single

o6. what is your favorite candy: skittles
o7. what is your favorite drink: sprite
o8. what is your favorite 5 songs: hollaback girl, we belong together, behind these hazzle eyes, american idiot, dont cha
o9. what is your favorite singer/band: Greenday or Simple Plan
10. what is your favorite 5 movies: Bring it on, Legally Blonde, Are we there yet, Mean Girls, Pacifier
l1. what is your favorite color: PINK!!!

l2. Describe your personality: umm i dunno my friends describe me as a fun outgoing person
l3. What are your pet peeves: when people crack there nuckles
l4. What's your dream job: modeling
l5. What insults you: when your talking to someone and they walk away
l6. where do you like to shop?: the mall duh
l7. whats your favorite accessory?: jewlery cant have enough jewlery

l8. why do you think you're eye candy: i dunno
l9. if you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be: that i didnt have braces
20. what made you want to post an application to this community? my friend janel
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