give_up_dork (give_up_dork) wrote in _sweetsedation,

Unsent Letter

Dear Mikey,

I wish you were here. I wish everything was different. You had always been the one I wanted. And I know I never showed this to you...through all of what i've done, and all of what you've seen. I'm a selfish person, and I don't deserve you in my life. There is so much you do for me, and in return, I do nothing. You make me out to be much more than I am. And now I believe..I've hurt you beyond repair. How I wish you knew how I really feel, and understand that you are what I need. But not what I have. I had to find something to replace this emptyness. I can't stand being alone. And you say you don't need anyone else, you're better than me. You say you only need me, and I find someone new. And I've changed you, I've made you bitter, mad, angry, and cold. Everything that you said you once were, before me. I'm so sorry, there are no words to express this emotion, this saddness I hold in my heart for you. The aching, biting feeling. You would have been better off never having known me, for all I have brought to you was a simple, brief, and false happiness; that was overun with pain.

Mikey, I'm so sorry. I can never say it enough. Should I just leave you? Maybe it will ease the pain? If I just dissappeared?

Love you forever I'm so sorry,
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