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I have combined the pictures i have found into my movie plot and movie poster.

Answers to questions

1) A cell phone- old 80s cell phone
2) An animal- raccoon (inspired by the 1990s lazy boy commercials)
3) A wall that is covered in posters/pictures (KISS COllage on my wall)
4) Someone that you would rape- Bob Sagget
5) Something sweet- Starberries
6) A car- delorean

The Movie Is titled-


The story starts off with bob saget cleaning his kitchen counter, when timmy the raccoon enters and gives some comic relief to the drama that is about to unfold. Bob and Timmy embark ona quest for strawberies because the evil Cher has stolen the biological weapon that eliminates strawberries. Now bob saget being a big straw berry fan is outraged and takes his delorean to los angelos to fight the evil Cher along with timmy the raccoon. On this wacky road trip the bump into KISS who helps defeat the evil cher and overcome her dasterly deeds. Gene simmons was all up for itespecially because they used to date and wanted revenge. It was all thanks to the windex fighting power of bob saget that bleached chers hair and left her weak to the loud screech of Ace Frehleys guitar. because we all know pop music singer cher cant resist the power of a guitar. The story end with bob saget driving off into the sun set with timmy and KISS beating up cher on the spot. Bob saget drives into the sunset and a trickle of sweat drips from his forehead, he wipes it off and grabs a coca cola and says "hmm nothing quenches my thrist as well as an ice cold coca cola classic, so crisp and refreshing *winks*". Timmy the raccoon walks down the side walk and pulls out a mentos and the mentos theme song start playing, he drops his mentos, thinks, then finds a scrawny white boy with a pocket protecter, trips him and takes his mento. Timmy pops a mentos in his mouth and jumps in there air *freeze frame* Mentos the fresh maker. Credits start rolling.

Kiss- Rock n Roll All Night
Cher- Strong Enough
Gene Simmons- Asshole
Wang Chung- Lets Go
Wang Chung- Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Joan Jett- I hate myself for loving you
Ace Frehley- Speeding back to my baby
Frankie Goes To Hollywood=- Relax
la bouche- be my lover
mentos tv commercial theme song


Mentos Tv Theme Song

It doesnt matter what comes, fresh goes better in life
With mentos freshin full of life
Nothing gets to you, staying fresh day and cool
With mentos freshin full of life
Fresh goes better
Mentos Freshins
Fresh goes better with mentos freshing full of life
Mentos the fresh maker
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