I love having my feet pampered and pleasured!

Hello everyone,

My name is Romona and I would like to invite you all to my blog. You might want to know what I plan on doing with this blog, well let me tell you.

I recently grew aware that a foot fetish is a big thing, and I didnt realise how popular or large the foot fetish communities are. And after an experience a had several years ago I found myself becoming a fetishist myself and I found out how much pleasure people get from peoples feet, socks and shoes.

I now am highly turned on about the thought of guys and girls playing with and caressing my feet, and after an experience that happened several years ago (that I gone into detail about in the friends only section of my livejournal) I am now extremely turned on by the thought of somone getting pleasure out of my feet, or used socks and pictures of my feet.

You see, I have decided to embrace my foot fetish instinct and desires, but I live in a house with my parents (who dont know of my fetish or that I'm doing this) and I dont really have the privacy I need in order to fullfil my desires and urges, so I am currently trying to save up for a flat where I can take much more risky picture sets and overall have more foot fun with my friends. So I'm trying to earn some money by selling my used socks and sets of photographs of my feet, which I hope you all understand and will hopefully help out and have fun at the same time.

To get the full benefits of my blog, please comment on my livejournal and ask to be added as a friend, which inturn gives you access to the friends only posts which will include pictures, true stories about my foot fetish experiences (including how I came to discover my fetish) and much more.


Romona x x x

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