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Jessica!Breakfast! My mom called
up the stairs on monday morning.
Ugh.Maybe i can pretend to be sick, I thoght.
I rolled over in bed and stared at the ceiling.
Its not like im usually psyched to go to school,
but today i was positively dreading it.
My twin sister,Elizabeth and i had just
transferred into a new school, Sweet Valley 
Junior high. So far, i hated it. The people there 
were totally unfriendly especially the it crowd.
Not that i expected everyone to just rush up to
me ,wanting to be my friend,but ... well,why
hadnt they? I mean,people at my old school,
Sweet Valley middle ,had been dying to be seen
with me.I wasnt used to having to make an
effort to get people to like me. i wasnt used to
not having any friends either. 
what i needed was a crowd to hang with 
quick.So last week id spent all of my time try
ing to hang bwith the most popular girl in the 
eighth grade,Lacey Frells.And shed treated me
l;ike the plague.
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New Sweet Valley cover girl?Soap star Levan Rambin!

Now this is actually awesome: a fameball turning on itself in such Convolutionthat
the snake eats it own tail. Remember Sweet Valley High ,The 80s young teen
Series about a pair Califoria twins names Elizabeth And Jessica wAKEFIELD?
They Went To Sweet Valley High,And Although they look a lot exactly the same,their
personalities were actually quite different! (Jessica was the slutty one,and
Elizabeth like to read and write)Well,Random house is releasing them with new 
designs in April,And the books cover gal ,posing as both Elizabeth and Jessica ,is
Our favorite Seventeen year old All My Children actress /Juila Allison boyfriend
stealer,LevenRambin!The old and new covers of Double Love and Secret,which
We rememberall to well , follow
While Leven Models as both Elizabeth and Jessica on the SVH covers,youll
remember that on All my Children she plays both Lily Montgomery
and her older half sister,Ava. Its this soft of thing that will get you nominted for 
a daytime emmy!
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Hey! When will Sweet Valley High Season 2-4 ever be release on dvd? Since Sweet Valley High 1-5 are being reprinted when will all the sweet valley high books be reprinted and brand new? When will sweet valley twins/university/thrillers be reprinted and brand new to buy? Please repley back! When will Sweet Valley Heights be created? It is March 2008 now. Bye!

P.S. does anyone know any free sities to download Sweet valley high and any sweet valley ebooks?

Jessica and the secret star

i Just Dont Get it. Jessica Wakefield Shouted,
Slamming her English book shut.
Get What?Elizabeth,her twin sister,asked.
This Poetry stuff,Jessica Moaned.
Mr Bowman assigned those poems on Friday,
Elizabeth remined her sister.Maybe youd
understand them better if you hadnt waited to read
them until hooeroom Monday Morning.
Jessica signed and reopened her book. Theyre
full of thees and Thous,She complained her book.Why
couldnt the authors just say you,like normal people?
Jessica looked at her twin for sympathy,but
it but was no use.Elizabeth actually enjoyed poetry,
in fact,English was her favorite subject.
At times like this,it was hard for Jessica to belive that she and Elizabeth were identical twins.
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I had been keeping an audio log of the past forty eight hours. A 
way to organize my thoughts and keep myself company as 
well as keep myself focused and awake. Right now its sitting in
the glove box of Catherines Altima.If i dont survive the next 
few hours(and thats looking more and more likely),Im sure
the fbi will eventully find it and dissect it.I hope it will explain
everything for them.Why i went AWOL.wHY I EVADES arrest.
Why i didnt contact them with my leads.
      Ionly wish i could make one more entry.If i had that 
recorder with me in this dusty,dim cellar and the Vin Diesel
look alike with the ruger pointed at me could somehow find it.
in his heart to untape my mouth ,this is what i would say
Im sorry
Im not sorry i followed up on Cathines disappearance 
because i was right,after all,that something sinster was up. i
just never imaged that Cathine was a part of it. What i am
sorry for is not trusting Malloy,Bishop,and the whole fbi system.I let my frustation over the way Cathys case was handled resurrent the cynical,loner Gaia,teenager Gaia,the gaia who found it diffucult to trust the cia and even her own father.
Id probably also say im sorry that i never got the change to
talk to my father and ask him the questions ive been lugging
around inside of me for years. Like...why couldnt he just be a dad after mom died.and whether or not he sees any of mom in me.
Id explain how sorry i am that i cant hang out with my brother,d, one last time on his farm.watching him milk cows and cuddle the baby chicks.
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Message in a bottle

The bottle was dropped overboard on a warm summer evening,a few hours before the rain began to fall. Like all bottles,it was fragile and would break if dropped a few feet from the ground. But when sealed properly and sent to sea,as this one was,it became one of the most seaworthy objects known to man,It could float safely though hurricanes or tropical storms,it could bob atop the most dangerous of riptides.It was ,in a way the ideal home for the message it carried inside,a message that had been sent to fulfill a promise.Like that of all bottles left to the whim of the oceans,its course was unpredictable.Winds and currents play large roles in any bottles direction,storms and debris may shift its course as well. Occasionally a fishing net will snag a bottle and carry it a dozen miles in the opposite direction in which it was headed.

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I hope this is okay, but I have the following books availible. I'm giving them away for free, I just ask for the cost of shipping them ($2 for the first book, 50 cents for each additional book). THe ones I have are:

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SVSY 6: Your Basic Nightmare
SVSY 7: Boy Meets Girl
SVSY 8: Maria Who?
SVSY 14: Split Decision
SVSY 23: Falling Apart
SVSY 31: Stay or Go
SVSY 32: Road Trip
SVSY 37: Be Mine
SVSY 39: Best of Enemies
SVSY 41: He's Back
SVSY 48: Sweet 18 (with Double Love included)

Email me at Americandreams at sbcglobal dot net if you're interested.

Sweet Valley Fans!

Hi :) I've finally figured out how to join this journal! :) I'm Emma, from the UK, and I'm a MAJOR Sweet Valley fan...and an even bigger Elizabeth and Todd fan :D I love talking about SV online, cos everyone is as mad about it as I am! I have very high hopes for the release of SV Confidential as well ;)

I'm the owner of The Hidden Bookcase, a huge Sweet Valley site, which is at:

I've also just started a Sweet Valley Forum there!

Hopefully we can get as many SV fans there as possible, and have some fun! (Its also a forum for other book series's, such as The Babysitters Club and The Sleepover Club, and any other series you like really!) I'd love to here from all the SV fans!!