~ Nicole ~ (dreaminqt86) wrote in _sweet_n_sexy_,
~ Nicole ~

So schools started and thats shitty... I miss summer :-(. But how's school going for everyone?? My classes are actually not too boring and my last 2 are really fun! Im goin to post another theme for next week on friday n then you dont have to have ur pics posted until next friday so ya gotta whole week. I cant think of anything to do right now, so if u have sum good ideas let me know! We also neeeeeeed more members! So everyone PROMOTE! I wanna get this community huge. Also more people have to be active, this isnt going out to everyone but there's a few of you that havent posted anything since u were accepted. So start promoting and stayin active. Im out
~Much Love~

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    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

  • (no subject)

    alright. sorry guys. nicole im pretty sure is not coming back and since the community has gotten pretty dead im going to be leaving too.

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