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The application

The Application:
*First Name: Sarah
*Nicknames: Sa
*And You're How Old...: 17
*City & State: Newton, NH
*Statz: Single (if that's what you want!)

*Color: Blue
*Place To Shop: Kohls
*Lipgloss Flavor: Vanilla
*Movie: The Notebook
*Actor/Actress: Chad Michael Murray/ Nicole Kidman
*Song: Away From The Sun
*Band/Musician: Too many
*Foods: SALAD!!!!!
*Shampoo: Pantene Pro-V
~Just To Know...~
*What would be your perfect vacation spot? Aruba!!
*What's the second half of this chorus..."You've already won me over, inspite of me, don't be surprised if I fall head over feet..."? Don't be alarmed if I loved you, for more than you are
*What are some of your pet peeves? snapping gum, chewing with open mouth, talking back
*What's your favorite saying and why? Eat shit, because it's funny and insulting all at once
*Finish this...Bend and....: SNAP!!!!!!!!
*What's the WORST situation you've ever been in? STuck in a fight between two people, both saying things about each other to me and then the other asking bout it
*What's your best memory and why? At the beach with my friend at the beach and then driving around listening to Metallica really loudly... he made me feel wanted and protected, as if nothing could ever happen to me.

~What's Your Opinion On...~
*Underage Drinking? If it floats your boat
*Sex? Whatever makes you happy
Drug Use? If it makes you feel good...

~Who's Better and Why?!~
*Jessica Simpson OR Ashlee Simpson? Ashlee, I watch 7th Heaven
*Eminem OR 50 Cent? neither
*Hilary Duff OR Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay Lohan, I loved Freaky Friday

~Last Question~
*What Do You Think of This Community So Far? ~Include At Least 3 Pictures of Yourself!~ This community rocks! I don't think I need 3 pics, you know what I look like!!!!!!

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    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

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    alright. sorry guys. nicole im pretty sure is not coming back and since the community has gotten pretty dead im going to be leaving too.

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