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helllo girliezz

First Name:Amanda
Nicknames:Mandy,manda and moosh
And Your How Old...: 19 ( old i know) lol
City & State:Donaldsonville, La
Statz:I'm single at the moment, don't want to be but i am

Place To Shop:Vessie B
Lipgloss Flavor:Cherry
Movie:Cruel Intensions
Actor/Actress:Angoliena J.
Song:" Have u ever " by: brandy
Band/Musician: Matchbox 20
Foods: maccroni and cheese

~Just To Know...~
What would be your perfect vacation spot? hawaii.
What's the second half of this chorus..."You've already won me over, inspite of me, don't be surprised if I fall head over feet..."?and don't be surprised if i love you, for all that you are, i couldn't help it, its all your fault" ahhh i used to love by: my girl Alanis
What are some of your pet peeves?Smoking,annoying laughs,snort when u laugh and stuff in teeth
What's your favorite saying and why? I LOVE YOU is eight letter and so is bullshit. lol it's sooo true sometimes.
Finish this...Bend and....:snap
What's the WORST situation you've ever been in? When my friends were fighting at school over me. Who's gonna be my friend lol it was kinda funny
What's your best memory and why? When my grandfather came to my 8th grade graduation because he has now passed away and he was the only one out of my family who showed up besides my mom.it was soo sweet of him.

~What's Your Opinion On...~
Underage Drinking? I can't really throw out all these harsh terms and deep views because i drunk when I was underage. i was17 taking sips here and there because of peer pressure so, I can't realy say anything except if your 16 or younger i personally think that you shouldn't be drinking.
Sex? If you find someone who loves you and has waited on you and haven't cheated. I say go for it but If you don't find the right one until your married. Hey be happy. virginity is something precious. It shouldn't be given away. respect yourself.
Drug Use? Nooooooooooooooooo, Noooooooooooo don't ever go down that road. NOTHING good comes from that..

~Who's Better and Why?!~
Jessica Simpson OR Ashlee Simpson? Ashlee I love her look, she's very pretti. jess 2.
Eminem OR 50 Cent? Hummm this is hard. 50 cent
Hilary Duff OR Lindsay Lohan? LINDSAY LOHAN she's soo hott

~Last Question~
What Do You Think of This Community So Far? I think this community is very nice and i hope that i am excepted. I think everything is cute and friendly. :))))
~Include At Least 3 Pictures of Yourself!~


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    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

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    alright. sorry guys. nicole im pretty sure is not coming back and since the community has gotten pretty dead im going to be leaving too.

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