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my application

First Name: Sharolya
Nicknames: Shar, Turtle
And Your How Old...: 22
City & State: Moreno Valley, CA
Statz: married for one year, yay!

Color: pink and black
Place To Shop: forever 21, old navy, hollister, and anywhere else that has cute clothes
Lipgloss Flavor: strawberry
Movie: ummm i have a few...the breakfast club, fight club, oceans eleven, from hell just to name a few
Actor/Actress: Halle Berry or Charlize Theron
Song: Petals by Mariah Carey
Band/Musician: Evanescence and Mariah Carey
Foods: macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes
Shampoo: Pantene Pro V
Sport/Activity: i don't play a sport, but i do go to the gym 3 days a week :)

~Just To Know...~
What would be your perfect vacation spot? Paris! i would love to go out of the country
What's the second half of this chorus..."You've already won me over, inspite of me, don't be surprised if I fall head over feet..."? "and don't be surprised if i love you, for all that you are, i couldn't help it, its all your fault" ahhh i used to love Alanis in those days! she rocked.
What are some of your pet peeves? people that lie for attention or people that judge others before getting to know them
What's your favorite saying and why? i don't really have a favorite saying and i'm not sure why...
Finish this...Bend and....: i have no idea what this is supposed to be, sorry!
What's the WORST situation you've ever been in? when i ran away from home when i was 19...my mom was so sad and i felt so bad afterwards
What's your best memory and why? meeting my husband, cuz he was so sweet, and he is good to me, which is why i got married so young! i knew i didn't want to be with anyone else :)

~What's Your Opinion On...~
Underage Drinking? i don't really approve, it gets you into trouble later on, but to each his own! my little brother drinks and he is only 17 and i don't like it, but i can't really stop him. i just hope if someone is drinking underage they are careful!
Sex? is not to be taken lightly! especially for girls, cuz it can get you a reputation you DON'T want and might not be able to get rid of, save it either for marriage or for someone you love and someone that has shown that they love you and aren't just after your "goodies"
Drug Use? ugh! i think it is the worst habit (and with most ppl it becomes a habit) to get into. even the drugs they say aren't so bad for you, in the end, none of them are good for you.

~Who's Better and Why?!~
Jessica Simpson OR Ashlee Simpson? i happen to like Ashlee better, i like Jessica too but since i have to choose one i choose Ashlee
Eminem OR 50 Cent? Eminem, he has better rhymes and writes good lyrics even if he does talk about his mom and Kim alot! i think he could do without D12 though, they kinda suck in my opinion.
Hilary Duff OR Lindsay Lohan? Lindsey Lohan. Hilary seems a little catty to me for some reason, and i'm really not into her music either. Lindsey is a better actress in my opinion. Hilary is really cute, though, but so is Lindsey for that matter...

~Last Question~
What Do You Think of This Community So Far? it seems pretty cool, i really like the name, cuz i am a sweet person and i think its cool for girls to be sweet and get along with each other and it seems like ppl here get along pretty nicely!
~Include At Least 3 Pictures of Yourself!~ here is the tough part so here goes!


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