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The Application:
First Name:bahriye
Nicknames:b,bahama mama,turkaflaca,melek,flirty,stra-berri
And Your How Old...:17
City & State:fort, lauderdale,fl

Color:pink n blue
Place To Shop:wet seal, charlette roose,burdines, macy's,D.E.M.O
Lipgloss Flavor:strawberry
Movie:the notebook,how to lose a gut in 10 days,brown sugar, breaking all the rules,
Actor/Actress:kate hudson, halle berry,will smith, jamii foxx,britney murphy
Song:it cahnges a lot but right now iuts don't leave me alone by ashanti
Band/Musician:ashanti, ja rule, beyonce,T.I,mary j.blidge....
Foods:french fries, chicken[fried],pizza
Shampoo:herbal essences
Sport/Activity:watch basketball n football

~Just To Know...~
What would be your perfect vacation spot?italy
What's the second half of this chorus..."You've already won me over, inspite of me, don't be surprised if I fall head over feet..."?
What are some of your pet peeves?i don't have any
What's your favorite saying and why?keep your head up don't look down because if u let people get to u w/little stuff u might as well neva get out of bed.
Finish this...Bend and....:strech?
What's the WORST situation you've ever been in?between my boy friend and my best friend they didn't like each other at all
What's your best memory and why?the day my ex and me hooked up because it was just a histarical day
Promote This Community (put a link):
~What's Your Opinion On...~
Underage Drinking?now what ur doing before u do ne thing stupid
Sex?if ur ready to do it no one is stoppin u its ur life
Drug Use?should be illegal

~Who's Better and Why?!~
Jessica Simpson OR Ashlee Simpson?jessica simpson because i like the way she dresses and she has a cute hubby
Eminem OR 50 Cent?50 cent 'cuz i like some of his songs n he got a nice body
Hilary Duff OR Lindsay Lohan?lindsay lohan i think she is prettier and i like her movies better then hillary duff's

~Last Question~
What Do You Think of This Community So Far? i think it's a really cool community
~Include At Least 3 Pictures of Yourself!~

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    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

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    alright. sorry guys. nicole im pretty sure is not coming back and since the community has gotten pretty dead im going to be leaving too.

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