Heather (da_newtanator) wrote in _sweet_n_sexy_,

The Application:
First Name:   Heather
Nicknames:   Heta
And Your How Old...:   15
City & State:   Eastpointe, Mi
Statz:   Gladly taken...

Color:   Purple
Place To Shop:   Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and thrift stores
Lipgloss Flavor:   the normal cherry chapstick works for me
Movie:   The Breakfast Club
Actor/Actress:   Josh Hartnett & Molly Ringwald
Song:   Otis Redding: Try A Little Tenderness [from Pretty In Pink]
Band/Musician:   Michael Jackson.. I know he's weird.. but I am in love with his music
Foods:   French fries, French toast, sweet & sour chicken and fortune cookies.. I am a big fan of the French & Chinese.. :D
Shampoo:   Pantene
Sport/Activity:   Swimming or cheerleading

~Just To Know...~
What would be your perfect vacation spot?   Hawaii
What's the second half of this chorus..."You've already won me over, inspite of me, don't be surprised if I fall head over feet..."?   dont be surprised if i love you, for all that you are i couldnt help it, its all your fault" alanis morrisette

What are some of your pet peeves?   After I've gotten completely comfortable in one position, and the phone rings; when my mom calls my name and forgets what she needed me for, and when people interrupt me
What's your favorite saying and why?   I don't really have a favorite saying..
Finish this...Bend and....:   Snap!
What's the WORST situation you've ever been in?   When I was younger, and my mom & step-dad were fighting and he started beating her.
What's your best memory and why?   Anytime when I was younger and with my Dad.
Promote This Community (put a link):   http://www.livejournal.com/users/dontcloseur_ize/

~What's Your Opinion On...~
Underage Drinking?   I don't have a problem with it... I'm not a drinker, I've actually only had sips of a few drinks here and there. You have to be mature and responsible about it though.
Sex?   I again don't have a problem with this. Like the underage drinking, if you are mature and responsible about it and you really have feelings for a person, I don't see much wrong with it.
Drug Use?   They're unsafe and stupid. I lost an uncle to drugs.. Getting into them is a very bad idea considering all the things that could happen. It's not worth it.

~Who's Better and Why?!~
 Jessica Simpson OR Ashlee Simpson?   Jessica, because she is BEAUTIFUL, has a wonderful singing voice and seems to have a better personality.
Eminem OR 50 Cent?   Eminem because *most* of his songs aren't as repetitive and annoying as 50 Cent's.
Hilary Duff OR Lindsay Lohan?   Lindsay Lohan because she is so much more prettier and can act much better.

~Last Question~
What Do You Think of This Community So Far?   I think it's a fun community with cute girls!
~Include At Least 3 Pictures of Yourself!~

On the right.. with the huge mouth.

On the right again..

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