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This is what you can buy with your MONTHLY points:
You may buy something at anytime but make sure you have enough points by the end of the month. If you know you only have ten points for the current month you may not buy anything, unless you are sure you have enough points.

300 points - add ONE point to your vote [for one month]
400 points - add ONE point to your vote [permanent]
500 points - remove a warning [permanent]
250 points - chose your partner for your TEAM [for one month]
50 points - add a question to one of the applications [for one month]
100 points - lifeshield : no one can challenge you [for one month]
200 points - to initiate removal challenge
100 points - steal an autoaccept/reject and use it from here

- The limit of a vote is worth 8 points. You may not have more than 8 votes!

- If you steal an autoaccept/reject you have to let me know whose are you stealing.

If you're buying something let me know, in a reply to this post.
If you're initiating a removal challenge put -200 in the subject line as your points.

You may not be in debt. You must have the points per month in order to spend them.

PERMANENT BUYERS... They bought:
empty__pages - 3 votes
badbakhtee - 1 vote
misskasey - 2 votes
poptops - 1 vote
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