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swing your razor wide...

...a proper artist with a knife...

the Sweeney Todd community
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The community for fans of the Stephen Sondheim musical Sweeney Todd, as well as the true crime figure on which it was based.

Post production photos, quotes, questions, icons, fanfiction, fanart, meat pie recipes, whatever adds something worthwhile to the collective discourse. You can also visit www.sweeneytoddonline.com


1. No spamming, unless it's for a community dealing with Sweeney Todd or other Sondheim musicals.
2. Play nice with the other kids. Let's keep the politics down to a bare minimum, saving for the Victorian.
3. Capitalization, spelling and grammar are all your friends. Please avoid using any kind of internet shorthand. Sweeney's an intellectual musical, and we would like to see that reflected to a degree.
4. Production photos/big entries/icons/etc go under an lj-cut. We don't all have great net connections.
5. Post illegal material at your own risk (ie: bootlegs).
6. Please consider the relevance of what you post: this community is large, not everything appeals to everyone, and posting material that everyone can relate to can be a challenge. Think of this as your standard: broadway actors, directors, along with hollywood and broadway market researchers seek out this kind of web community. Anything that the moderators deem to be inappropriate or irrellevant will be removed. Sweeney Todd, unlike the majority of other musicals, is an incredibly sophisticated feat of storytelling, and the community should, in essence, revel in and reflect that sophistication.

Pretty straight forward. Mess with the rules once, and your post will be deleted, and you'll get a warning. Mess twice, you will be banned.

Executive Moderator: stilettov
Moderator: msalicenutting
Moderator: ohliamylia
Moderator: jilduck