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A heads-up

Since many survivors protect the information available about them, I wanted to give you the heads-up about a new service: spokeo.com

Spokeo.com is an online phonebook and information resource, which gathers information from all sorts of places. It contains information about addresses, phone numbers (if you're publicly listed), and information from social networking sites (including photos and interests).

If you want to remove yourself from spokeo.com's listings:
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An Interesting Idea from a very interesting collaboration

Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and an Anti-Abuse activitist)

has teamed up with

Equality Now (international organization fighting multiple forms of abuse of women)

for a special world wide screening of the movie Serenity which was a continuation of the Firefly television series.

The nearest screening for me is several hours distant but I'm going to try and find a way.

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schrodinger's lolcat

Some helpful extentions

I'm not quite ready to get into my own story yet, however, I was browsing the extensions for the new firefox and found two that might be very useful for those with PTSD. I'm not downloading them for myself as I mainly have audio triggers (typically men yelling upset), but I figured that they might be useful to those in the comm that have keywords that trigger them.

ProCon Latte

Filter web pages containing explicit content based on text on websites.

ProCon is a content filter for the Firefox browser. It can filter any kind of material (pornography, gambling, hacking, cracking, etc...), it can also block all traffic, making sure that only desired websites (set in the Whitelist) can be accessed, and includes a profanity filter, all *like* a parental control filter.

ProCon also has password protection in order to keep *others* from changing the settings.


BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality. This extension should by no means be used for parental control or access control purposes, just because it isn't secure and can easily be disabled or even removed. This extension adds the site blocking functionality that was removed from Adblock Plus.

You can add and/or remove websites, you don't want to visit ever
again, via the BlockSite Preferences. You can open this window
by clicking on the options button of BlockSite in Tools > Add-ons menu, or by
clicking on the Preferences item in the context menu of the extension
in the Extension Manager.

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*good 'net hugs for all who wish to have them*


PS: I hope the catmacro icon gets some Lols. . .
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My Survivor Site

My message board is getting kind of quiet, and we'd love to have some new members. If you'd like a 2nd place to post about things that is safe like on here, please find the web address behind the cut. Please note that no one can "see" the board unless they are registered and logged in. This is for safety matters. The main website also has many important survivor information as well as links to helpful sites, this one included! I placed the addressed behind the cut so that those who are not interested may skip on by!

Thank you! Love, Eden

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The Survivor Digest - Issue 03

The fabulous new edition of 'The Survivor Digest' is featuring TORI AMOS in the this edition on the cover with many inside articles and artwork featuring the piano goddess.

Tori Amos, a Survivor of rape has been a white light and a healing guide for other Survivors worldwide through the power of her music that has inspired millions of followers since the release of her début album 'Little Earthquakes' back in 1991.

Here is a synopsis of the new Tori Amos edition Zine for February 15th 2007

The zine is a Tori Amos featured edition and has many articles, columns, artwork and stories such as Meeting Tori Amos, Letters from Tori, Tori Artwork, The Skin's Voice (Self Injury Information), Paulina's Little Muse - Tori Amos inspired artwork, Little Universe Within, Tori Amos art by Laurie Paris and Stefanie H., Body Image Perceptions, Tips for improving your body image, Uncovering Lost Memories, Sexual Exposure as a Child, Book review by Lynn Tolson, Survivor stories, Tori's open letters to Survivors courtesy of RAINN, Tori Autograph, poetry and more.

$12.00 Worldwide
(Proceeds benefit SOAR/Speaking Out About Rape)



Part 01
Part 02
Part 03



bighug.gif If you would like to sign up for the 'Voices of Strength' newsletter for survivors please visit the above URL and on the right hand side when you scroll down there is a small form to send in your secure e-mail address. Spam-Free of course. Your e-mails are safe, secure and confidential. The newsletter will give you updates on VOS as well as other survivor related issues, causes and up to date information on how you can get involved in the community.

Hope to see you join! Hugs!!

Love, Haullie throb.gif