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Mod post - trigger warning

There's a CSA public service announcement from Australian TV going around Youtube and other places which you may run into. It is meant to be incredibly disturbing as it is an "awareness" piece.
It begins with a proud father giving a toast at his daughter's wedding, and for the first few moments it seems harmless.
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The ending states "If only getting over sexual abuse were this easy" and gives statistics for CSA in Australia, hoping to raising awareness in the community.
Please be advised that these pieces are incredibly triggering and that you may wish to avoid watching them.

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Something Nice To Share

Here's a nice little video for those who want something beautiful and serene to watch/listen to. It's four and a half minutes long, for those wondering.

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If there is a message to this video, I see it as being that the cycle of nature is a beautiful thing, and that we can all endure through many changes.

this made me laugh

OK back again.  I was feeling really down but I found this on youtube and it made me laugh. I wanted to share it with you because it gave me a break from the everyday.

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Here is the link:

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Pertaining to a recent entry. I tried to look up a site that may have had a list in it of what movies might have rape scenes in them. And i haven't had much luck aside this site http://www.screenit.com/index1.html If you want to watch a movie and haven't seen it yet, it may be on this site. Look it up, and if you want to know if it has a rape scene in it, skip all the rest and go to the sexual section (sometimes put in violence) and you can look up whether it has a rape seen in it by description. Reading about the scene may be tough, but I'm sure it can save you actually seeing it yourself in the film. I hope this helps everyone, as I know many watch movies and unexpectedly see a scene of rape in it which can be horribly triggering.
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So I was planning to go see One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest in the university's cinema today, but then I saw something else is there today:

Metamorphosis – Special Discussion

Israel, 50 min, Documentary.
Directed by: Neta-lee Baron.

Metamorphosis is a combination between recent rape cases and myths about rape.
A discussion will follow the movie. The women from the movie will talk with the audience.

[taken from bgu4u.co.il]

There's no doubt in my mind I'm going to be there, but I can already feel the anxiety rising.
You know what's the scariest thing for me in these kinds of gatherings? Seeing there women I know. Last year, after there was a rape in campus and there was a discussion group about the myths of rape, meant to promote awareness, I came over and there was this woman that I have a few classes with. We are not close at all, in fact we barely say "hi" to each other - we just never clicked, I guess - but I hated the fact that she was there neverhteless, because I was sitting there before the meeting started and could shake this thought from my head - "maybe R. was *that* too".
You just don't want to see familiar faces because you don't want to deal with the thought that they may have (and if they're there, yeah, they probably were) been *that*. Somehow after that meeting last year I would be in class and I'd think, okay, I know for sure now, there's more than one survivor in this class, it'd make me uncomfortable for some reason. I hate the statistics and I hate the numbers, and trust me I see numbers every day because almost in every stall in the girls' bathrooms in the U there's a sticker of the rape crisis center and hotline. You're sitting there with your pants down and it's right there in front of your face, reminding you.
I don't know where I'm going with this, I'll just shut up now.

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This video is on why darkness isn't something to be afraid of or used as a metaphor for evil. It's mostly historical but some of its themes are rather pagan. However I thought this was something that members of this community would find useful.

While I'm on the subject of useful things, I found a book I needed to buy and read recently because of the sort of person my mother is. It's called "To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife" by Caitlin Flanagan. I thought other people with emotionally abusive mum's might find it helpful. It is an insightful and sometimes wry read.