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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
23rd-Apr-2008 01:41 am - ::pulls hair out::
 This is from my journal. Work is really getting to me. I'm a tae kwon do instrctor, and one of the head instructors that run the school. I've just been stressed and sort of emotional in general, but work definitely isn't helping.

As of right now.... I love the people I get to see at work, I love class, Mr L isn't my biggest fan, and I'm not enjoying work AT ALL.
21st-Apr-2008 08:50 pm(no subject)
I'm going to update you all on some of the stuff that has been going on with me and my so called life... It may be long, or short... but it goes where my mind goes, and I need to get this all out of my head.
Cut for-- Friend problems, family problems, mention of past rape and past abuse, brother getting out of jail, having a warrant go back out for my brothers arrest, mention of drugs, stressful situations, dealing with chronic pain, dealing with depression, dealing with suicide Ideas, and I think that is it... warn me if I missed anything.Collapse )
And that is all I've got to say on all this. I'm sorry if anyone actually read this. But props to you if you did.
With hope.
27th-Nov-2007 02:57 pm(no subject)
There is so much and I don't know where to start. Its so crazy though. And I needed to get all of this off my chest. Sorry if it is going to be long.
Family drama, mention of abuse of my mother and me, car wreaks, blaming others for there own thoughts and destructive habits, drug use, if I missed anything please let me know...Collapse )I thank you for reading if anyone did. I just needed to vent and have someone listen.
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