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surgery funds needed

hi its caleb again its been a while but im back
i have been working two jobs both volunteer at this time i recently joined aids services for the monadnock region my job with asmr has been keene karyoke idol its a fundraiser for our new house in gilsum new hampshire called the wellness house
i am still at the monadnock humane society and i am grooming and socializing cats we have over 100 cats and kittens we just had like five litters of them there are only about forty avalible for adoption right now some of the cats are either too young or kind of sickly and or we dont have space for them in the shelters adoption center

ok now to the main post

i am a 21year old female to male transsexual who is very low income due to disabilities i am highly fuctional but i have a hard time copping with large groups of people i get overwellmed easily to easily infact when i was working on friday i had to leave for a while because the crowd was so huge over 200 people in a small area thats only supposed to hold 100 people

i have been saving up all of my money for top surgery ie a double mastectomy i am having trouble saving money because i keep on getting sick so far this month i have had five nasty infections its like i get sick and stay sick
my goal is to raise 5,000 dollars for next july my family isnt helping me with the money which is so hard for me to understand why they are not helping my family is like oh well your weird and they are paying for my 22 year old sister to go to school they shell out money to her left and right my mothers reason for not helping is your disabled the government will pay for every thing for you and that she doesnt accept me for who i really am it hurts i have cried my self to sleep a number of times its like i dont exsist any more and less than i did when i was female but when i was female i wasnt happy i was a suicial mess i had no life

i am hoping that some one or ones could help a tranny boi in need i am longing for financial support only for surgery it has taken me four years to save up 2,500 dollars and it will take another 3 to 4 years to save that much again for this part of transition and life every penny counts i am hopping that this journal entry will help the lack of funding i feel really bad for asking for the money but i am realizing that the only way i am going to make my dead line for surgery is to ask for help i thank everybody for their support encouragement willingness to give

you may email me at trannie_boy@hotmail.com with comments and such
i feel really dumb asking for help i feel like i am not capable to support my self i cant thank everbody enough for their support

my surgery will cost about $6800 plus travel expensices every time i think about the cost i get further away from the total

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hi everyone... I'm new here. I'm here because I'm a survivor. At least, I think I am. I know if it happened to anyone else, I would say she/he/ze was one. But it happened to me, not someone else. And so many shrinks have dismissed, so many people have had such bad reactions when I told them, and I do have some borderline traits... so I still wonder if I really am one. If what happened with that one guy really was sexual harassment leading up to sexually assault. If what happened with my ex b/f was really psychological abuse. Etc.

Anyway... before I get too much into stuff, I'm gonna make sure this is even the right place for me to me. I'm an FTM. That is, I'm a guy, for one. However, I was blatantly obviously female-bodied when most of this stuff happened. I still thought that I was a girl. Is this a safe place for transsexuals? For guys?