Tags: stress

A quick update.

"The new girl"
We hired a new girl at work. You'd think I would be all excited that we have a new employee and I may not be working as much...but I'm not. I want to kick her. She annoys the shit out of me and is such a suck up that she just annoys me more. Not that she is trying to be genuine, or make a good impression...she just talks about shit, in fact, I don't even know what the hell she talks about cause I don't listen. I know i'm a jerk but she's so annoying that she really really makes me mad. Today she tried to ring a customer up on her own, something she has NO CLUE how to do, and in fact, our boss didn't even want her to try...but she did, and she ran a check, and she fucked things all up. She tried saying "i'm sorry, it was my first one, I didn't know"....exactly, that's why you get your boss and you fucking ask. And she insulted me and my boss both when we were talking about soccer (my boss is peruvian and has played for years, and I played for 13) by saying her DOG was good at soccer, and we all needed to meet him. I told my co-worker if she brought a dog into my store it was going to be like jack black on anchorman when I straight up drop kick not the dog, but her....I am seriously stuck in bitch mode with this girl, I can't stand her.

"The window"
My mom rolled down my broken window and bent the regulator to the point that I can't bend it back without buying a new one. Now I ordered a new regulator, and have no one to replace it for me...My car is stuck in my garage with the window down...and we are having floods. LOVELY.

"Money in the bank"
I have $500 saved. Sounds like it's alot, but it's not near the amount I need. I'm estimating my check this time should be about $900 if i'm lucky cause i've been working over 50 hours a week...but i'm scared it will be less. I need to get looking for my new car so I can sell the one I have.

"City of Beaverton Municipal Court"
I have to drive to oregon to go to court for my following too close ticket in december. I'm nervous because the cop will be there, but I also know I wouldn't bother to drive to a whole nother state in order to go to court if I felt I was guilty. I didn't do anything and it's shit that I got a ticket when that bitch cut me off.

"To the limits"
I have wednsday and thursday off...Then friday I work 13 1/2 hours... But it's worth it. I haven't had a single day off in two weeks, literally. I'm exhausted and i'm having break downs still and i'm sad...I just want to sleep in and spend a day with my little niece and my family. I feel like no one knows me anymore, like I don't even have enough time to know myself.