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Saying Hello

I have just joined this community in hopes in finding healing in sharing with others, hearing their stories, understanding and witnessing their pain, in order to gain further understanding of my own.

I was a victim of rape as a teenager, and recently I have been assaulted and sexually harassed by my boss. I am currently in the process or suing the company which I work for. As they mishandled the case, did a shotty investigation, refused to contact outside witnesses and other victims. In the end of their investigation I was told they couldn't verify my story, so they were keeping him and while they understand if I need to leave, if I stay, I am expected to continue working for him, directly for him. My lawyer is currently working on a settlement, as the sad reality is, they are a 90 billion $ corporation, and I am not.

I have started trying to work with a local RCC, but have not been able to get into any type of group counseling, or group experience. I feel that this is most healthy, as I do not require a therapist. I fallow a tradition which focuses on healing of the soul, and teaches empowerment and the difference between victimhood and woundedness. So I thought it would be good to join a LJ community which could help foster some of the community needs I seem to be having. that said, I am in no way looking to make this a group therapy session, just explain why I chose to join.

I would like to ask more specific questions once I get the feel of the group. So I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself and let everyone know that I am looking forward to getting to know the group.

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why be an acting major when my life already has such drama?

I haven't really posted much, nor commented. But it's times like those of late that have me needing support from people who actually understand and not my best friend. For while he is great and understanding, I guess...I don't know.

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I don't know. It's just all piling in on me. I want to scream or cry but I can't. At least I haven't cut over this, which for me is an improvement. I just want it all to end because it's getting to the point where I'm not even caring about myself anymore, case in point in the issues at hand...I don't know. I just needed to vent or something. Sorry.


Here is a convo I had with a friend over IM about what happened to me tonight. I don't feel like typing about it again. ::shivers:: It really wasn't a big deal what-so-ever, but my mind is trying to make it that way. I'm just creeped out still I think. Mind you...I DO NOT KNOW this guy who bothered me tonight. Talking to my friend helped, but I'm still kinda creeped out.



me:how's it going?

friend:just got home


me:eh...kinda creeped out. this drunk middle eatern guy was bothering me when I was trying to go for a walk

me:he didn't do anything, but I froze again. I shoulda just walked away. but yeah....he grbbed me a couple times and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away though

me:I'm trying not to make a big deal outta it though. nothin' happened and I just shoulda walked away. still creeped me out though : /

friend:of course

friend:I'm glad it didn't go any further

me:yeah, me too

me:he tried to get me to come into his house



friend:he must be desperate

me:yeah...he was drunk...then he started talking about his ex. he was 27...and he knew how old I am



friend:that is gross

friend: >:P

me:yeah. >:P yuck.

me:I'm not going for late night walks anymore...

me:I could smell the alcohol on him...then I asked if he had been drinking and he said yes


friend:its not safe

me:yeah :/

me:it helps me unwind sometimes, but it isn't worth that happening again


friend:there are other ways to unwind

me:yup yup

me:I feel stupid now

me:at least I learned from it

friend:damn straight

friend:thats the good that came out of it


me:still so yucky though!!!!