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More of my 'cleansing writing', uhmm contains triggers of abusive violence and molestation. Thankyou for such a positive response to my first piece.

This is just as a mental cleanser for myself, really. Get it out.

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This is in part for me, and in part for a friend

About half a year ago (second semester 2006), the choirs at my school went to a competition in San Fransisco. I was not in choir that year, so I did not go, but my friend was there. He told me about how the party they went to after the competition got a bit out of control. Our school is a Christian, no-dancing-allowed school, so keep that in mind when reading this.

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Now, I know that it's not up to me to judge who's right and who's lying. I don't need to know that.

However, I'd welcome any input that can be given, specifically on the following:

Is there any advice I can give A? What sort of things could the school do against the boy in question, if B still says that he didn't do anything? I know the school is bound by law to report these sorts of things, but how much evidence do they need to have to report it? Or do they just report any whisper of harassment they hear? Our school is located in California, if that helps at all.

Any other advice you could give is appreciated.

-Rachel Grace

Support needed more than every

Ok, I was sexually assaulted for six months. I've been assaulted by various other men on different occasions. All of my assault didn't include sex, they were everything else (except for oral sex). The first time I had sex I was triggered and I was too scared to tell the guy to stop. I tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let me. I've gone through various type of verbal abuse. The six month assault was almost seven years ago, and I haven't had anything happen to me for almost a year.

I'm with people who want to help me and who I can trust. I have tourble trusted, I get panic attacks, I have separation anxiety, I get triggered, a lot of sexual things are hard, I can't talk about my feelings easily because I'm used to be yelled at (that's what happened in the last, not in the current time), I have urges to cut and I gave in last month, and very, very low self-esteme and opinion of myself.

Based upon what I've been through, is all of the listed above normal, or am I just weak and I don't know how to cope. I don't feel like I have the right to be as upset as I am because I really was lucky compared to what others have been though. I just need to know, am I normal? Or am I weak? I'm having trouble talking to people around me because I'm a lill self-consious about it. Someone help me out, please. =(

Btw, some of you might remember me. I've been gone for a while. But yeah, I definitely need some support. I feel like I'm going to cut again soon and I don't want to. =(
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Today I went to Wal greens with my friend Brandon. I was heading over to the freezer, to get some ice tea's (were addict's) And there he was. If you guys don't remember I was raped by my best friend's boyfriend. I just tried to walk past him without looking, and he had the nerve to grab my ass, I whipped around and he winked at me, and walked away. I just broke down right there in the isle. It was horrible, I know everyone was watching me and I didn't care. It was awful.

The minute I looked into his eyes I relived the whole night. I could still feel him inside of me. I just couldn't stand it. Brandon came over to me and I jumped I couldn't even have him hold me.

I just wish I could rewind time.

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i've tried so many times to type my story up here, to join other stories told by brave people and somethings always stopped me from posting.  Before I go any further, i think i'd just like to give you a rough image of who i am.  I'm 20, live in sydney with my family.  Typical loving, if somewhat traditional Asian family. There's my father, mother, older sister and I.  I'm a uni student (by correspondence) I'm studying health sciences and naturopathy. 

Completely unrelated - if anyone wants to know more about natural methods of healing or just other techniques that might help i'm more than happy to help in any way i can.  i love researching this stuff anyways!

and that's where the fun stops and the hell begins.  

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