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A safe space to share stories and ask questions

Disturbing sexual fantasies in abuse survivors.Collapse )

This week's questions are:

1. How have your sexual fantasies evolved over time? 
2. How have your sexual fantasies functioned as a coping mechanism for you in relation to your abuse?
3. In what ways do you think you could possibly integrate your fantasies into your life in a way that is healthy for you?
4. Are there alternative ways for you to achieve the emotional goals that your sexual fantasies aim to reach?
breathing light

This week's TSQ is brought to you by [info]blueserenity22* , who came up with the idea last week!

How your family of origin views sex and how that affects your ability to process your own abuse.Collapse )

This week's questions are:
  • How does (or did) your family of origin view sexual activity?
  • How did that perspective affect your feelings about your own abuse?
  • How does that perspective continue to affect your feelings and behavior regarding healthy sex? 
6th-Jun-2010 12:28 am - Thought Stirring Question: Public
Cut for triggers: talk about sex as a survivor. Non-detailed mentions of rape, abuse (sexual, physical, ritual, verbal/emotional), a lack of sex drive, heightened sex drive.Collapse )

So this week's questions are:
- How is sex for you as a survivor? Is it a positive, negative, mixed, or neutral experience?

- How has sex changed for you from before your abuse?

- How have you coped with the negative feelings, or how do you stay focused on the positive in regards to sex?
24th-Feb-2009 07:44 am(no subject)
fate purple hearts
I don't even know how to word this..I joined this community awhile ago,had a long post about my past, but got frustrated w/ trying to post it..one day maybe..
rape/sexual/incest talk and questionCollapse )

if someone could word this better, please just tell me and i'll change how it's posted...
(right now going to walk away before i delete it..not comfortable, but need to know..gah)
20th-Jan-2008 10:47 pm - I just don't know.
I'm sorry if this doesn't belong -- if it seems like I'm asking the same question over again -- but I don't know where to ask for help.
question about relationshipsCollapse )
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