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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
22nd-Jun-2008 12:41 am(no subject)
sunshine dance gentleflower
i took a self defense class spring term in college this year. we covered a lot of stuff. and i found that while i do think it was a good idea it did cause some harm as well. having to be attacked made me have flashbacks. also i found myself thinking oh i could have done that and maybe id have gotten away. then there was the fact that when i fought the padded attacker none of the stuff we learned seemed to matter and i felt even more helpless than before.
10th-Jul-2007 03:53 pm - Common sense home safety tips
corset binding
I was posting this in another community but realised some of you might like some of these ideas.
Any other ideas (there is probably heaps and heaps) are welcome too :)
25th-Feb-2007 05:15 pm(no subject)
Does anyone know any links to a decent site that teaches you about self defense techniques?
Sometimes I think I'd feel slightly safer if I knew how to give myself a fighting chance.

I've looked for self defense classes and haven't seen anything in this area, and I don't have a car so traveling is not an option.
17th-Sep-2006 03:09 pm(no subject)
sunshine dance gentleflower
what do you guys think of those alarm things that you can carry with you and they make a loud noise if you set them off when youre in trouble? i dunno, i just feel like i should have some protection. any other ideas?

also i must say i am very upset about the t shirt i saw online that said "help stop rape. consent" im known for my ability to keep my sense of humor but some things are just not funny.
1st-Aug-2006 01:47 am - FemDefense.

i found this on stumble upon. i hope its real.
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