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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
13th-Apr-2007 03:18 pm(no subject)
Hello all,

I'm currently in a long term relationship with a woman who was sexually abused in childhood.

I was hoping that people here could recommend books or other resources, hopefully aimed at partners of sexual abuse survivors, with which I can educate myself, and hopefully help her through the difficulties she sometimes has as a result of it, or at least not inadvertently contribute to them?

Many thanks, in advance, for the help. :-)
15th-Feb-2007 11:46 pm(no subject)
my best friend fruitsofviolet (aka jennie) just called me and asked me to post here its cut for triggers of physical abuse and getting a phonecall from an abuser Read more...Collapse )
16th-Dec-2006 02:56 pm - Abuse.
I've been wanting to post this for awhile, but I couldn't bring myself to write about it.

Post about a co-worker who is going through some really terrible abuse. Kind of graphic.

Read more...Collapse )Any opinions? Other than just showing her my silent support, I have no ideas. I cannot force her to come live with me, or to even pick up the phone to call me. I wish she knew how much I understand what she's going through on a personal level. I wish I could help.
21st-Aug-2006 04:55 pm(no subject)
hey everyone this is a post on behalf of my best friend fruitsofviolet
Read more...Collapse )

basically she just needs some love she didnt feel able to write this herself but if someone out there would like to send over somehugs that would be greatxxxxxglitterfairy1
15th-Jul-2006 05:43 pm - interventions
me / typing
Hey everyone,

I just now (as in, five minutes ago) joined this community so I apologize if I'm asking something that's recently been talked about.

Basically I am looking for some advice on staging an intervention for my sister. Has anyone here been involved in an intervention for a woman in an abusive relationship? What can make them effective or ineffective? What are the dos and don'ts?

Quick background cut for possible triggers of emotional & physical abuseCollapse )

Thanks so much.
4th-Jul-2006 03:32 pm(no subject)
I want to thank everyone for being welcoming and supportive, especially to someone coming from a different place as the partner of a survivor. I've enjoyed entering this community. I joined one other community with less promising results. I got only one comment and it was someone telling me to end the relationship. People like to give up when things get too hard. Though I do ask if she can make the progress she needs to make while being romantically involved with anyone. But I think that as supportive as we are and that she moved to a strange place for me (She moved with me a year ago so I could go to grad school), I think her recovery would be better with my full support as a partner trying to respect boundaries.

We live with a great deal of hope, all of us here have to I'd imagine. Hope keeps the heart beating. My girlfriend and I had a few days off together and she was so sweet to me on my birthday. It reminds me of the connection we do still have. We talked of what the future could be and that refreshes my hope.

Some days I dont handle it so well. Some days I am very depressed. These days its good though. I suprised myself by getting a bit drunk and not breaking down on her. Sometimes alcohol will bring up feelings I can't control. Usually the fear and sadness. Then I'll cry and she will shut down. But this time I was okay, and she talked, I didn't. It's so refreshing when she talks about her head because she's usually so stoic about it. I really hope she goes through with therapy in the fall.

Anyway, thanks again. And I'd like to be here for everyone here in anyw ay that I can.

I have Allies in Healing, which I will start reading. I've read Ghosts in the BEdroom, which was great, very compassionate and well written. I'd recommend it to any of your partners dealing with the same thing.
2nd-Jul-2006 01:38 pm - new
Hello. I am a 25 year old woman in a relationship with another 25 year old woman who is a survivor of sexual abuse. We have been together for 3 years and have a very positive and supportive relationship. One area that overwhelms both of us is her past abuse. She does not remember much of it, but feels haunted by the repressed memories none the less. A trigger occurred for her early on in our relationship that brought her past flooding back. She shut down emotionally, physically, sexually and affectionatly for almost a year. We kept talking and stayed monogamously together. It is worth it because part of her is back now.
She still does not remember much, but kissing and physical intimacy is still difficult for her. She is only able to be intimate every two to six months. It is hard for her to give me even low level affection, making out is too intense for her, she feels dissociated. We cuddle and hold hands and short kisses daily, which helps. But we both miss having sex more than a few times a year.
I want to know how to be supportive to her. I also need help dealing with what I need. I miss it. I want more than she can give. We both believe that with love and patience we can heal a lot together, but dealing in the meantime is challenging. Sensing that I need can shut her down even more. We can get into a cycle of her detachment feeding my neediness and my neediness in turn making her more detached (See where that goes?). I try for the balance of respecting her and asking for more. I am afraid of stagnating. We have stagnated before and passed through it. Now seems like a time filled with the energy of change. I am in therapy to deal with my own issues, and she will be starting therapy this fall when she gets health insurance.
We dont fight, we have some bad habits with eachother that we work on keeping in line, we still see why we fell in love, we still love eachother more than the gap this abuse has created. We communicate, share interests and we have been very supportive to eachother. I've had my own past of emotional abuse that she has been helping me through. All in all, we have an amazing relationship, the kind I have yearned for my whole life. Yet, some asshole years ago has branded us both with an emptiness that strains the heart.

I wanted to find other people, be able to talk, listen and exchange advice. Thanks for reading this.
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