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Lesbian kisses

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Hey, I'm back! I spent... uh, well, actually, I'm just going to cut this whole entry for triggers OF: hospitalization, SI/suicidality [not graphic], child abuse, contact from parents, triggering songs, healing, therapy, The Bleed, endo, PCOS, etc. Also talks about religion, specifically Christianity. please do let me know if I missed one, it's... not a good day for me physically.

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die smokes

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Uh, I posted this entry in my journal today.. Today has not been a happy day. I thought maybe.. well, I don't have anyone on my personal friends list, and I need comments, and it's relevant to this community.. and I'm sorry for posting so often. I need the support this place gives me so, so badly. I wish I was stronger but I'm not. I try to act happy, all the time, but I'm not.

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I'm going to make it!

So the past few months have been difficult for me. I transfered schools because of all the difficulties I faced (many of you know details, but I don't want to make this entry triggering).

And this semester was ridiculously hard for me. I took a large courseload. Many times I wanted to give up and drop out. But I kept going! And now I can proudly announce:


So I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support these past few months. I'm going to make it...and I owe a lot of it to the support of good friends!! Thanks everyone!!!