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I'm new here, not a surviver but I read the user info and said anyone looking for advice could also join. And I'm looking for advice.
My boyfriend was rapped as a child. (From what I gather several times by another guy.) He told me this and I never pushed for anything else, figuring if he wanted to talk more he would. I didn't feel right by pushing for more information because I didn't want to upset him or anything.
Well this weekend I was at his house and we were talking about revenge. He said he never gets revenge and he just wanted a little. He also said the closes he got to revenge was fighting back and that wasn't really revenge. I gathered he was talking about what happened to him as a child. Well actaully I narrowed it down to the physical abuse he suffered from someone or that. But I thought it was probably the rape.
He has done this before kinda, mentioned things about it but never really talked about it.
As far as I know only a few people know about it, (Not his parents) and he's never seen anyone about it.
I was wondering if I should sit him down and tell him I'll listen if he wants to talk, no matter what. Or would this be a bad thing to do? I believe he knows i'd listen but I never actaully told him I'm more then willing to be there for him.
So any advice on this would be great. Thank you

EDIT-Sorry this showed up in my friends page and I freaked out so I had to delete it. To those of you who already posted thanks! I still have the posts. Sorry about the re-post.*blushes out of embaressment*

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I was browsing through old blogs I've had in the past, and came across a story that I found very amazing. I'm not sure who wrote it, and I'm not sure if it was a true story. But either way, it was stunning. I'm sorry for making two posts in one day, I'm not sure if it's allowed. But I just had to share it with everyone. Someone may have already posted it in the past, if so... feel free to delete it.

Put behind lj-cut for length and possible triggers:

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rage against the machine

Maybe I am different than most people but what happened to me, even though I did get depressed and a little suicidal right after it happened, now it just fills me with rage! Instead of being scared I get so angry and I want hunt them down and hurt them. How do I get over that? How can I quit being obsessed with that?
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