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Not a survivor myself...

I created this account simply to protect the identity of my friend while I posted this. I think she would be upset with me if she knew I posted this, but I don't know what else to do. My friend has been raped, brutally twice in the last two and a half years-three years and I just don't know how to help her. I'm going to post more details, just wanted to let you guys know why I was posting. There may be some triggers in here, not being a victim myself I can only guess.

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i dont want to sound motherly or however you want to referr to this as but i reall want to enfesize the importance of reporting an attack when or close to when it happens...mostly because of the red tape and brick walls i have to go thru now!

for the past few months i have been trying to get a protective order on mike, my ex boyfriend, because of the threats and the harrassment that he has recently been putting me thru! i have recieved the same answer everytime..because i did not report the incident when it happened (september '02) there is no "physical" signs that he might do anything to me, so therefore i am in no immediate danger. but that is of course coming from a lawyer who is known for being incredibly lazy and not having good cases! but it still doesnt matter. i cannot get a restaining order on him because i was to scared to report the incidents. because i was in fear of my life then, i must still be in fear of my life now (which absolutly makes no sense) i now not only have to fight the legal system to get something done (and i have been fighting for the past 5 months now) but i also must watch everything i say and do because i never know when he will be around the corner looking for me.

i have stopped fearing him, because i know that fear will not only get me hurt but will also fuel him to do more!! if you have not reported a rape and/or physical abuse and you attacker still haunts you, please go report them soon. it could be the one thing that gets them stopped!!!