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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
14th-Jul-2009 01:33 am - I need help right now
Any responses would be good. Right now. I'm in crisis and talking to a friend but I need help.

Relationships, questioning love, vulnerability, suicidal thoughtsCollapse )
8th-Jan-2009 10:22 pm - Kid in trouble, I need advice
I haven't been too active here lately due to my life being hectic, so I apologize for that, but I was hoping someone here might have some useful advice for an abusive situation my family is involved in.

Cut for child sexual/physical abuse, CPS workers not believing victims, retaliation by abuser, legal system problems, custody battles, and all sorts of bad stuff.Collapse )

I tried to make this short but it's hard to cut it all down, so I really appreciate any one whose read this far. If you have any relevant advice on how to manage this, we'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: I've tried to use the more universal term "CPS" (child protective services), but I may have slipped and written "DCF" once or twice, which is my area's local name for the same agency.
7th-Oct-2008 06:07 pm - First post
flower of life

it took me a bit to actually get the courage to write this. I tend to just keep going through everyday with this stuff pushed to the back of my mind, ignoring it, because that is my survival tactic. For some reason, I don't feel a need to talk about any of this when it hurts the most...I need to talk about it when I feel fine, maybe to make sure it all comes out in order.

Y'all can call me Dori, I'm a feminist social activist in my mid-twenties, married with no children, and feel the need to emotionally vomit.
Cut for slightly graphic descriptions of physical, emotional and sexual assault as well as blunt language and tl,dr. If I missed something to warn about, please let me know.Collapse )

Thanks for listening.
3rd-Oct-2007 09:38 pm(no subject)
Audio Therapy
I posted yesterday. I fear I will be posting a hell of alot in this community.

cut for... rape, [graphic] description of abuse, forced abortion, schizophrenia, delusions, brief mention of father/daughter incestCollapse )

Thanx for reading.
If there's anything that should be in the cut that I missed, I'm so sorry and if you comment I will change it straight away.
2nd-Oct-2007 10:44 pm(no subject)
Audio Therapy
I joined the community a few days ago. This is my first post. I just need to get this all off my chest.

cut for shortly listed history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, incest, brief about an eating disorder & self harm, mental disorders, death of friendCollapse )

I've rambled on for long enough.
Thanx for readingx
10th-Apr-2007 10:54 pm - Am I bad person?
Here's my story, kinda, I mean there's only so much I can type.  This doesn't even come close to really describing how horrific the scenes were.

2nd-Apr-2007 11:04 pm - Hi, first post
I'm sorry to bother you guys, I just don't know what to do and I can't talk to anyone.

My names Ryan, I'm 18, and I'm really really scared.

I'm sorry it's so scrappy and disconnected, my head is really messed up right now. 

someone help me? please?

23rd-Dec-2006 01:45 pm(no subject)
I think this is the first time that I've posted in this community, but I have been lurking for a long time. I felt that I should post because I feel that I'm starting to have some issues with my past once again. This is my story, copied from another entry. It's sometimes too much to try and write it all out again.

My Former relationshipCollapse )

my concernCollapse )
12th-May-2006 05:08 am - Not a survivor myself...
I created this account simply to protect the identity of my friend while I posted this. I think she would be upset with me if she knew I posted this, but I don't know what else to do. My friend has been raped, brutally twice in the last two and a half years-three years and I just don't know how to help her. I'm going to post more details, just wanted to let you guys know why I was posting. There may be some triggers in here, not being a victim myself I can only guess.

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