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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
i have to get this out. it's killing me...i need men to read this, specifically; i don't know why they'd be on this site...but i need to know that not all men are rapists. My story and existential crisis that has followed...Collapse )
14th-Nov-2006 02:09 pm - Just a bit further in depth...
Just in case this is triggering I will put my story behind an LJ cut...

3rd-Oct-2006 09:55 pm(no subject)
fuck it up
Again, here I am. I don't know where else to go right now. I just need a question answered, and it's the only thing I can think about right now and I will not be able to sleep or even move in one direction or another before I know.

was it rape?? (definitely triggers)Collapse )
24th-Jul-2006 12:36 am(no subject)
cut for triggers, remembering another forgotten assualt.

a few days ago, i was laying in bed,Read more...Collapse )
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