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Blogathon 07

Hi, my name is Lynn. And this is my journal for Blogathon. July 28, 2007

My charity is RAINN. And I'm collecting 47 stories from rape and abuse survivors.
I will post these stories in my blog once every half an hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

Please, if you would like to contribute your story to help me raise the money for RAINN, you can post it here, or email it to me.
You do not have to go into deep painful detail. Just say what ever you want to say.
And if you do not want to share, that is more than okay.

I thank anyone who shares, and wish everyone the best of luck in life!

A few questions I've been asked:
1: You don't have to include you're name. You can change the names of any people, or places. As long as you feel comfortable!
2: You can write it any form you want. Story, Poem, Anything. Be creative!

My Email - Jaimiee84@yahoo.com

How do animals help you cope?

kitty.gif piggie.gif lindybear.gif bunnydance.gif Hey Friends,

For the May's edition of The Survivor Digest magazine I am doing a special article on how animals can help us cope in the aftermath of sexual abuse or domestic violence and I am looking for a few stories to add. If you are interested in getting involved please feel free to look through the information below and submit your story and photo to the Digest, it would mean so much to me.

What to Submit:

1. Your name or nickname:
2. Your pet(s) nickname(s):
3. Type of pet: (cat, dog, fish...whatever)
4. Photo of pet: (optional)

5. Briefly describe how the unconditional love of your pet helps comfort you in your day to day healing, describe details if you can such as the soothing sounds of a cat's purr or the smile a dog gets on it's face and how happy they are when you come in the door, or how soothing it is to watch fish swim. What does it mean having your little guy or girl with you on your healing journey and how do you work together to create such a special bond?

6. Was your animal abused before you adopted it? If so what does it mean to nurture this pet? Has this taught you anything about hope, recovery and patience?

wub.gif Thank you SO much for anyone who is interested.

Please send all submissions to: SUBMISSIONS@VOICESOFSTRENGTH.ORG

hug.gif Love & Support, Haullie

Looking for MAY 2007 Submissions

Hello Survivor Friends,

The Survivor Digest is currently looking for MAY 2007 submissions for our next zine for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. If you would like to get involved now is a wonderful opportunity for you to spread your wings and fly.

Every single person here has the potential to speak out, whether you're telling your story, writing a short story, painting, drawing, writing lyrics and poetry or inspireing others with a single quote...you make the difference and together we can truly break the silence, one VOICE at a time.


What is The Survivor Digest?

The Survivor Digest is a quarterly Zine (magazine) that was released in August of 2006 which includes columns, stories, poetry, creative writing, original artwork, campaigns and resources for survivors by survivors and whatever else we can come up with to help make an impact in the lives of survivors and supporters worldwide.

Participants interested are able to send in their materials via e-mail to the digest for consideration in an upcoming issue. A new digest will be released every 3 months for sale online via the 'Voices of Strength' web site and the next edition will be released May 15, 2007 so now is a great time to get out your pens, start typing, pull out your paint brushes and do something important for the worldwide community. Empowerment = Passion on the road to recovery...

For Additional Information Please go to: http://www.voicesofstrength.org/survivordigest.htm

What is a Zine?

"Zines are publications done for the love of doing them, not to make a profit or a living. Most zines are photocopied. Some are printed offset like a magazine, but with a print run of hundreds or possibly thousands instead of hundreds of thousands or more. In a zine, you might find typos, misspelled words, improper grammar, and brilliant or radical or just plain honest ideas that simply aren't allowed in Time, Newsweek, or People Magazine. Zines are different from e-zines, which are "zines" published on the Internet (via personal web pages or email lists). -Underground Press

What kind of material can I submit?

Any of the following items are up for consideration in the up and coming survivor digests, however we are FULL ON LONG LINED POETRY so please do not send poetry for the May edition unless it's about 10 lineslong.

*** Columns/Articles, Artwork, Poetry, Creative Writing, Survivor Stories, Campaigns, Photography, Resources, Inspirational Stories, Quotes, Graphic Art, Foundation Information, Organization News, Awareness Information, Letters to VOS.

How do I submit my Material?

Please send all materials to me, Haullie Free with the below information included. If you are sending picture attachments please make sure they are clear and un-sized so that they are big enough to re-size. If you are sending file attachments please make sure they are not already formatted and do not press the "enter" button when you type a story to move down a line cause that takes a lot of editing.

Send your...

Name (the name you wish to go by in the digest)
E-Mail Address (tell us if you want it published)
Material (as listed above)

to the following e-mail:


Thank you to everyone who decides to be a part of these projects with me, I read every story, every poem and every article and I am constantly reminded of how much strength resides in the hearts of each and every one of us day by day. You are truly all phenominal heros.

Love, Haullie

The Survivor Digest - Issue 03

The fabulous new edition of 'The Survivor Digest' is featuring TORI AMOS in the this edition on the cover with many inside articles and artwork featuring the piano goddess.

Tori Amos, a Survivor of rape has been a white light and a healing guide for other Survivors worldwide through the power of her music that has inspired millions of followers since the release of her début album 'Little Earthquakes' back in 1991.

Here is a synopsis of the new Tori Amos edition Zine for February 15th 2007

The zine is a Tori Amos featured edition and has many articles, columns, artwork and stories such as Meeting Tori Amos, Letters from Tori, Tori Artwork, The Skin's Voice (Self Injury Information), Paulina's Little Muse - Tori Amos inspired artwork, Little Universe Within, Tori Amos art by Laurie Paris and Stefanie H., Body Image Perceptions, Tips for improving your body image, Uncovering Lost Memories, Sexual Exposure as a Child, Book review by Lynn Tolson, Survivor stories, Tori's open letters to Survivors courtesy of RAINN, Tori Autograph, poetry and more.

$12.00 Worldwide
(Proceeds benefit SOAR/Speaking Out About Rape)



Part 01
Part 02
Part 03



I just wanted to apologies for a post which was made by another user. I don’t know if anyone read the post (if not then disregard this post). The post was regarding some video clips and photos on domestic violence which I need for a project I’m currently working on. I had gotten a friend with an LJ account (I just made this one so I could say sorry) to post some questions in communities which looked like they may know where to find what I needed. But I realized that he posted it in some very inappropriate communities. So basically I just wanted to apologies for this mistake. I do realize what kind of hurt it could have triggered (my father abuses my mother, I’m desperately trying to help mum out of her marriage) and there were good intentions behind the post, it just wasn’t posted in the correct place.

Again I hope you can accept my sincerest apologies

looking for volunteers. asap! <3

so i posted a few weeks ago about a project i had done & am continuing. i got lots of people saying that they wanted to help out but then i haven't heard back from anyone really.
now i have the project due on wednesday & [as i know of] no volunteers.
so. i need some people who would want to participate who would be able to send me digital images to my email or something by saturday the latest. friday would be better for me. but saturday would work too. & as far as the written piece goes, if you could write it out [on plain white paper] & mail it to me, but also type it up & email it to me along with your images so that way i could get the project layed out, in case i dont recieve all the written pieces in time.

this would be such a huge help to anyone who could do it.
please please please. trust me, this is an incredible project. & i will be very bummed if i have nothing to show on wednesday.

please leave a comment or email me at mahon916@newpaltz.edu if you want to participate & know you can get some digital files [preferably atleast 10 pictures] to me by saturday.

thank you so so so much!

here is what i had posted a few weeks back about the project. so you can see what it's like & all that.
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looking for volunteers!

hello everyone.
i posted a few months back because i was doing a project for one of my classes on victims of physical & sexual abuse. i promised i'd post pictures of how it came out [and it came out great. everyone thinks it's really powerful & had amazing things to say about it.] i've been extremely busy so i hadn't posted pictures yet, and i only have a few to show but the point of this is that i am going to continue this project for another class. i need a few more volunteers & it's kind of short notice.
project description:
i am getting volunteers from all over. i will send you a disposable camera [with a postage paid return envelope for return]. when you get your camera you will take pictures of yourself or things that you think reflect your experiences and what you went through. i will also include a plain piece of unlined white paper and each volunteer will write something about what happened to them, you can be descriptive or not, it's all in your control. you will mail the camera and story back to me & i will print the photos & compile them along with your story.
when i did this project a few months ago each volunteer took a minimum of 10 pictures, or you could fill up the whole roll.
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the project is due at the end of march, meaning i could hopefully get a few volunteers by the end of this week, and have cameras out to them by saturday.
if you are interested please leave a comment with your email address or you can email me directly at mahon916@newpaltz.edu

i am also really interested in getting a few male volunteers because so far i haven't gotten any.

thank you so much.

(no subject)

I'm Doing a Survey...Please Read the Story and the Answer the
Questions. Get a Pen and Paper and write each answer down and then Post
it as a comment. For the longer answers, type it in the comment box
without reading anyone elses answer.  **Do NOT read other people's
answers before posting your
own.**  I want pure, uninfluenced responses ONLY please. Go with
Your Gut!
Thanks in advance!

(Caution! Could Be Triggering Towards end of Story)

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(no subject)

Hello, my name is Bean. I am female [though I identify as gender queer] and 18 years old. I have been victim to rape and molestation at a very young age which was ongoing for many years. Only after a recent hospitalization on a psychiatric unit have I started coming out about my experience, facing it, and reaching out to others. I have discovered that reading, writing, and discussing this issue is one of the most important things we can do. I am now writing my senior project on the issue, and I would appreciate any help I can get with this interview. The topic of this project is How Does Rape Affect Women's Sexual Identity? If you could help me with this by taking some of your time to share your experience with me, I would very much appreciate it. My deadline has been generously bumped though at the sacrifice of not graduating with my class, so if you can do it before Friday, it would be so very helpful.

Please send replies either as a comment to my blog posts or in an email to jakeandyears@hotmail.com
You may make up a fake name for yourself for me to cite you by. If you are uncomfortable with my knowing your blog username or email address, I have set up the following email account from which you can email me:


the password is: abcd123

Thank you so much again and in advance.

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