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Thought-Stirring Post: Positivity


This week's Thought-Stirring Question was originally posted by sistahraven  in 2006, but is something that is frequently requested and always relevant in our lives:

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This week's question:
  • What things in this past week have you seen that brought you happiness, comfort, or safety? It might be something as simple as seeing a funny commercial, or seeing the new spring sprouts pushing through the ground. Try to name 5 things, small things, that you saw that brought you happiness, comfort, or safety this week.
And as always, feel free to share more if you've got them! Being able to see what others see can help open our eyes, too, to the things around us that can remind us of why we're striving towards feeling happy, safe, and loved.
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Thought Stirring Question: Public

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One of our members requested a Thought Stirring Question about what makes us happy, so here it is! With all the extra stress, focusing on things which make us happy, and seeing the happiness of our fellow survivors, can be an extra light through tough times.

This week's questions:
- What is your happiest memory?

- Which activities bring you the most joy?

- If you could suggest one thing to another survivor, something you think they'd also enjoy, what would it be?
Zack Armed...

Not every day is a battle

Just pointing out that I have good days, too. We all have it tough, and some days are pure hell. But if we keep on putting one foot in front of the other, there will be a lot of days that don't suck, and even days that make going on worth it.

Safe hugs offered to all, to be accepted or declined at your discretion.
Blue Sky
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I would be lost without my friends

I have to remember to ask for help... If I am alone and scared I have to ask.  When I need a ride to buy groceries.  I have to ask.  When I need to vent I have to ask.  I love you guys on here and I realize how much smaller my world would be without your support.  I really feel like I can overcome ANYTHING because of all of your support. You help me think more clearly.  You help me cope when I am crazy,  and you let me occasionally give you advice which helps me so much with my self-esteem.  I am feeling like the wise woman that I really am.  The trick as always is to take my own advice... 

Thank you
Thank you 
Thank You 

A short, but unforgetable fairytale.

I look back at these past few weeks and I am more and more amazed at how far me and my boyfriend have come. It's known that i'm not the type of girl to engage in relationships (Just ask Annie, i'm known to run haha) but none the less...I am coming up on my three week anniversary (hence the "short" part of the title). I have the upmost amazing boyfriend in the whole world who simply adores me. With these past few weeks and all the events occuring within them (an accident, speeding ticket, and not affording college)...my boyfriend has been nothing but encouraging and full of support. Last night he even took me to dinner, and a movie before surprising me with a hotel room. He said it was a needed vacation since i've been so stressed. And it was simply perfect. We stayed up late joking and playing cards. And this morning we got starbucks and spent a few hours at the book store looking at graffiti and tattoos before I had to leave for work. That's my update. My boyfriend is a dream come true. And I adore him.

Something Nice To Share

Here's a nice little video for those who want something beautiful and serene to watch/listen to. It's four and a half minutes long, for those wondering.

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If there is a message to this video, I see it as being that the cycle of nature is a beautiful thing, and that we can all endure through many changes.

Weekly thought stirring: Happy memories

So this week, it seems there are a lot of us who have been having a particularly rough time, so we're going to shift our focus a bit this week towards the positive.

Remembering the happier parts of life can be really important when we're feeling really down, so this week we'll be talking about our happiest memories. Since many of us can really thrive on positive things, I think it would be great to pool up some happy memories to help get us through the rough parts.

This week's questions are:
- What is your happiest memory?
- What makes that memory so special?
- What reminders of that memory can you carry with you physically during hard times?