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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
20th-Oct-2009 05:23 pm(no subject)
Lesbian kisses
Hey, I'm back! I spent... uh, well, actually, I'm just going to cut this whole entry for triggers OF: hospitalization, SI/suicidality [not graphic], child abuse, contact from parents, triggering songs, healing, therapy, The Bleed, endo, PCOS, etc. Also talks about religion, specifically Christianity. please do let me know if I missed one, it's... not a good day for me physically.

In every loss in every lie In every truth that you'd deny And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake to great to hide And your voice was all I heard That I get what I deserve So give me reason to prove me wrong to wash this memory clean Let the floods cross the distance in your eyesCollapse )
15th-Apr-2009 09:24 pm - trying not to think about it...
first off,
My name's Nerissa.
I'm 16.
I'm new here.
And I'm a victim of abuse.

Cut for mentions of rape and abuseCollapse )
12th-May-2008 11:36 pm - Difficult Times
I was sitting being very confused in my room and this poem popped out of my head. Sometimes my thoughts are more organized through writing then speaking. 

14th-Apr-2008 09:52 pm - Poem: "Forgiveness?"
Prompted by crystalraindrop's (sorry I don't remember how she spells it) post about religion and church and being pushed to forgive her attacker.

Mention of rape, no details, mention of PTSD symptoms, nondenominational mention of God, one swear wordCollapse )
6th-Feb-2008 09:31 am(no subject)
Don't you know
for a moment know
you think the world owes you
it don't owe you a thing

there's a man doing time
keeping a rosebush alive
He was wrongly accused
40 years and still survived

Don't you know
for a moment know
you think the world owes you
it don't owe you a thing

When it's given all it can
the best you must invent
when it's given all it can
the best you must go get

There's a rosebush inside
keeping a man alive
and we all need hope
like want the sunshine

You think the world owes you
You got to want the sunshine
It don't owe you a thing
You got to want the sunshine

-Sean Hayes "Rosebush Inside (Morees Bickham)
28th-Jan-2008 07:30 pm - untitled: a poem
This is a poem about my mother but it's for any uneven relationship.

xposted to certain communities

29th-Sep-2007 12:26 am(no subject)
Poetry, small child custody trigger at end

Read more...Collapse )
17th-Sep-2007 02:54 pm - More poetry
I dedicate this poem to all those "healthy" people who have treated me like the "other". I really, really love this poem!

cut for depression; loss of virginity; talk of suicide

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