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when emotions override all logic

I felt pretty bad tonight; thinking about the trial, having flashbacks.. so I thought I'd do something 'constructive' with these negative feelings. I've always liked taking pictures, so I decided to take a picture which sort of represented my feelings/thoughts at that particular moment.. 

Surprisingly, I felt a lot better afterwards and I thought I'd share. I'm putting the picture behind the cut just in case - it shows about half of my face, with some (fake) bruises, but I understand that this can be considered triggering for some.

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Involve whatever it is that you love to do in the healing process. It helps.

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I have an idea.
Would anyone in the community be opposed to posting pictures of themselves? Sometime's I really want to put a face to the people that I have come to love and respect from this community. Personally, I am not opposed to this at all, and if you guys are up to it, why not put together some sort of photo journal and short bio (of everything not rape-related in your life, positive things, like likes, dislikes, inspirations in life, ect.)? I'd sure like to "meet" all of you :). If this idea gets okayed, Then I'd be willing to go first and break the ice, so to speak.

What are your thoughts?
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Old cardboard boxes in the attic always tend to reveal things you never knew about. 

After looking through some pictures of my parents' youth, I came across my own photo-album - stuffed with baby pictures and cards saying, "Congratulations! A daughter!" I couldn't keep my eyes away from this tiny kid with the blonde, jumpy curls. I ripped out quite a few pictures and put them in my room so I could remind myself of what I was once like. 

Eagerly, I went through the whole album and when the end of it was near, I starting seeing a slight change. I flipped one of the cards around and read, august 2002.

And then you stop, and think, this is why I've ripped out those baby-pictures.

I want my childhood, my innocence back. I feel like a 30 year-old trapped in a 18 year-old body.