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Mod Note to Newcomers

I just removed three individuals who have recently applied because they did not respond to their Welcome Post. As stated in our rules on our userinfo page, and as stated on each post that goes up, you must reply in order to remain members of the community. This rule is in place to help us cut down on the number of trolls and other nasties who may apply to the community. We take this very seriously, and we do give you up to a week to reply to the post. If your name is listed in the week's Welcome Post, you must reply within a weeks time before the next post goes up, or we will remove you from the community. I do not like seeing people go through the effort of applying, only to have to remove them because they did not abide by this rule. Again, we have this rule in place for everyone's safety in posting, it is not just something we made up to see people jump through hoops.

If you find that you have been removed due to lack of responding to the Welcome Post, you have one more chance to apply, and be accepted. After that, should you fail to respond to that next week's post, you will be removed and not allowed to apply again.

As an added note, if you are approved sometime after the Weekly Welcome Post has gone up, your name will go in to the next Welcome post. So if you don't see your name on the post, don't worry about replying. Also, don't worry if you've been a member for a while. This is just for new members who have recently been approved and whose names are listed in the Welcome Post, though anyone is welcome to jump in and say hello to our new members. :)

post for non-members or recently removed members:

Once again this week, we had *several* new members not respond to the welcoming post, as required by our rules.

I cannot stress enough that this NEEDS to be done in order to be a member of this community. It is stated in bold type every single week, and with rare exception, each week it is being ignored by half of our new members. It is stated in bold in our userinfo, right at the top.

So PLEASE - if you are a new member, check for my posts on Tuesdays. At the post in which you see your name, leave a comment. A Welcoming Post covers the new members who were admitted in the previous week, so always look for the post on the Tuesday after you've been approved (if you're approved on a Tuesday, check on both days - you might have been approved before or after I've already made the post). If it's not done by the Tuesday after the post containing your name, you will be removed. Not sure you'll be able to comment during that week? You can comment to another of my welcoming posts.

If you are removed for this reason, you have one chance to try again, but if you fail to respond to the welcoming post a second time, you will not be allowed to join the community again. This is a safety measure for the whole community, and something we take very seriously.

One comment to one post is all we ask to ensure we can keep this community safe.

Quick Mod Note:

This is mostly a note for non or ex-members, so feel free to skip past it if you're currently still a member.

  • Firstly (for those applying to the community) - In the past two weeks, we have had several new, blank journals apply to the community without sending an e-mail to the moderators. It does not matter how many times you re-apply with the same blank, new journal - if you are not following the community rules regarding application, we will keep denying your application until you do. So please - don't just keep applying.

    Our e-mail is listed right in our community userinfo, along with the journal names for all four of our mods if you would prefer to contact us via comment rather than e-mail.

  • Secondly - again, we've had new members not reply to the welcome post this week. This is mandatory for membership. It does not matter if you have already posted during that week - you must comment to the welcome post. We are happy to screen your comment for you on request, but you MUST comment to the welcoming post for the week in which you joined the community (your name will be listed if you need to reply)


Three mod notes:

1) The first mod note is about triggers. Since we have had an upswell lately of triggering posts made without a cut or description, I wanted to give y'all a good general rule to follow about what is and isn't triggering.

If you're posting about being upset, scared, or angry, it's likely triggering and needs an LJ-cut and a trigger description. This means that 95% of the posts in this community should be behind a cut, because most of us write when we're upset about something, looking for advice about a tough situation, struggling with a memory etc.

If you're upset, it's likely to trigger someone else to being upset - so use an LJ cut with a trigger description so that people know what they're about to read. And remember - it's always better to use an LJ cut and be over-cautious than not to use one.

2) The second mod note is to prospective new members: We've had several people apply this past week who had a new or empty journal and who didn't send us an e-mail. We really need you to do this! There are two e-mail addresses listed in our userinfo for you to get in touch with us.

3) Last, but not least, for our new members - we've had several weeks in which the new members have not responded to the welcoming post. We don't like removing people from the community for violating this rule, so please, respond to the welcoming post each week.

Anyone who is removed for this reason will get a second chance, of course, but we will not give a third chance. This is a security measure for the community, and we take it very seriously.