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Hey My Friends,

I am doing something in early August called 'The Survivor Digest'.It is a quarterly magazine for survivors of Rape, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence. The Digest will have columns on influential survivors and stories throughout the world, poetry, artwork,inspirational stories, survivor stories, resources and campaigns.

One of the projects that I am doing for the inside of the first edition is something known as 'Healing Hands'. An Art project we can all get involved in and that is why I am making this announcement, to invite you all to submit your hand art to the Zine.Below is an example of Hand art that I have done myself so that you will know what this is all about. If you are interested in submiting healing hand art to the book please feel free to send yours to haulliefree@yahoo.com. The guidelines are as follows.

Healing Hands

1.) trace your hand on a blank white sheet of paper.
2.) Design the expression of your aftermath around your hand or on the inside of your hand or both.
3.) Scan your image but do not re-size it, send me the largest copy.
4.) Submit your hand drawing to haulliefree@yahoo.com
5.) Don't forget to sign your name at the bottom.
6.) Deadline to hand them in - July of 2006

Below is an example of a Healing Hands drawing that I just did today. It resembles my pain, struggle and my passion to thrive towards persona lfreedom and affirmation. Please feel free to use this as a guide towards understanding what we need for the Healing Hands. All images will be printed in black and white. But will be piblished on theWWW.VOICESOFSTRENGTH.ORG web site in color in a special place as well(once the web site is launched). Be as creative as you'd like!

(Sadly, some of these images may be triggering so please view them with caution and an open heart. Each zine will have a TRIGGERING lable on the front of the Zines to help caution those who read them)

Love & Many Thanks!! ~Haullie


http://www.voicesofstrength.org/pictures/hand1.jpg <----------------- Click there to see the Hand picture</span>

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