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Thoughts from the night

This year has been a lot better than last year. My depression has improved and I'm about to cut my dosage down under the watchful eye of the doctor.

Tonight is a little worse than usual because I've been sleeping poorly all week due to weather, stress and tense muscles.

Seting boundaries for myself, self confidence, self criticism and telling MY truth are all things I've been thinking about. My self confindence, seting boundaries and self expression are all getting better but I particularly need to work on the self confidence and stopping the self crticisim. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

It figures

Last night I had an appointment with my doctor. She said I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She's been monitoring my progress on Celexa, and now put me on another medication for my blood pressure. I have to find a psychologist near my office, so I can get there during a break period during the week. The Celexa has been working great for me. It's just a drag having the disorder being official now. As bad as that sounds I've made a lot of progress, so there is hope. Of course there are others who have gone through worse than myself.

I hope we can all find peace.

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As of right now, I am taking 400 mg Lamictal, 20 mg Lexapro and 200 mg Seroquel...all brand name drugs, all too new to have a generic counterpart. This means, with my insurance, I am paying over $100 a month on pills.

I have started to wonder just how much my doctor is influenced by the drug reps. See, I have seen in her office before Lamictal pens, and Lexapro paper pads. Every time I go in there, there's a drug rep, usually with coffee, food, or some gifts. Did I mention that I have received more than my fair share of samples of these drugs?

Now, I am willing to cut her a little slack. After all, she's my physician, not a psychiatrist. It's not her discipline, per se. And she has, after my increasing symptoms, referred me to a p-doc, who I start seeing this week. But, given the cost of these drugs, and the lack of even trying the more common drugs (umm...lithium for bipolar, anyone?), I really am asking myself...is she doing this because of what drug reps have done for her?

Any of you have an opinion?

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