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16th-May-2008 09:49 pm - followng up on last post
This may be the post embarrassing thing I have ever posted in my life.  I've mostly kept this to myself because I'm really ashamed of what I do...

29th-Oct-2006 04:48 pm(no subject)
This is a little more personal than I tend to get, but I feel so weird.
Does masturbating ever trigger anything with you? I thought I'd relieve some tension, but ended up feeling empty and incredibly sad afterward. My hands and legs are still shaking and I just wish my partner was here to hold me.

Getting depressed today and need to do something to break the pattern. Maybe I will clean the house and watch a comedy. I need to have my period and get my hormones back in check.
28th-Oct-2006 03:19 am - YIKES!!!!
Happy Otter

My day today was rather umm....strange?

I had a very good thing happen.  But some people are just ...ewwwww....!!!!

Keep in mind, I'm 19.

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