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letter to abuser

I'm thinking of getting a restraining order against him.  Someone told me that I needed to tell him that I don't want any contact with him before I go about doing that, so I sent him an email.  Part of me feels good for having sent it, part of me scared in case he retaliates.  He hasn't touched me in a violent way since before we broke up, but I am still kinda nervous. 

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a letter to my parents after a christmas incounter

 so I have something to say that may never be seen by the ones I want to say this too. Its to my parents after going to go see them the other day. It hurt and I know I really shouldn't have gone to go see them... But...they are my only family here... And I couldn't go home to mystic. I feel so left out during the holidays when everyone has there family and I have none that really doesn't count as a family considering all that they have put me through. This is all old news. I've just had to get this out. And may they never see this letter.

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I just had to post this. Sorry if this is old news to my friends. If you guys do choose to read this.
I'm done now with the past stuff. A new year is begining soon. And to this, i will not dwell.
For now good-bye. With hope.
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Letters to My Abusers Update

Hi, everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I've extended the deadline for submissions for the Letters to My Abusers Project, from October 30th to December 30th. I'm having surgery Monday :( and will need a few weeks to recuperate.  I will still be sending out the newsletter weekly for all my subscribers.  If anyone is interested in receiving a free weekly newsletter for survivors, you can sign up at My Voice of Truth site.  Keep healing and growing.  
Love, Stephanie

Letters to My Abusers

Letters to My Abusers - A Survivor's Project

I encourage anyone who is willing to get involved in this wonderfully empowering project for survivors. It's a way of taking our lives back one letter at a time, one step at a time. In a way it's like we're confronting those who've hurt us in the most powerful way. Please read this excerpt below from Stephanie Gagos, she's a great advocate and author for survivors of rape, secual abuse and domestic violence. You can contact her about this project through her web site at" http://www.letterstomyabusers.com

"I am inviting those of you who feel you may benefit, to take another step in your healing. For some of you this is just a stepping stone in the process, for others it just might be the first step you take in healing your childhood wounds. (Either way, I urge you to gather support for your journey if you decide to participate) Most of you will never send these letters and the truth is they are not for your abusers, they are really for you. They will allow you put words to your pain and your determination to survive.

Selected letters will be edited and published in a book called, Letters to My Abusers: What I Couldn’t Say Then. We hope that both men and women will participate and we are open to accepting letters from teens with parental permission. As of now it is an unpaid assignment but you will receive a contributor’s copy. Part of the proceeds will go to organizations that help survivors of sexual abuse." ~Stephanie Gagos (author)

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Letters to my abusers

Hello, I'm new here, wanted to introduce myself. I am a survivor or incest by my grandfather and sexual abuse by eight other men, physical and emotional abuse by my mother. I am using writing to heal. I've been working on a book based on my childhood and how I am reconditioning (reprogramming) my mind and body after years of abuse. I hope to be finished soon. I'm also working on a second project which is an anthology of letters by survivors to their abusers. The goal is to publish them. If you think you may be interested, visit www.letterstomyabusers.com for details. The deadline is October 30th. I hope to heal together. I also created a live journal community called reconditioning, where I hope survivors can share how they are healing and changing the patterns and beliefs formed in their abusive childhoods. http://community.livejournal.com/reconditioning/
Take care. Keep healing and growing.


A letter to the abuser...

This is just a draft, and I'm kind of stuck on how to end it. I was just hoping to get some opinions on it so far, and I'll post the letter in full once I've completed it. I'm trying to articulate my feelings without getting as mean and nasty as I'd really like to, but at the same time, make myself clear.

For those who don't remember me, it's been a long time since I've posted in here. I'm a lesbian who was physically and emotionally abused for four and a half years by my lover. 

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This is a letter I've been told to write for when I confront my parents about the abuse monday morning in a family meeting. Alot of drama has gone on but I really don't have the energy to type it all up and I really just want to forget about it. Anyways, this letter may possibly be triggering for many so I'm putting it behind a cut. I'd like to know what you think afterwards, if I should cut anything out, add something in...anything is helpful. I'm so scared for monday.

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