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Law Experience / Rape Trials

Does anyone in this community have experience with rape trials? I would like to talk to someone who knows about the trial process and perhaps has some law background.

I've got a great support system and people at my state attorney's office are usually great at answering questions, but I get really nervous when I talk to them so I forget to ask general stuff that some of you might know.

Please let me know how I can contact you if you're interested in a quick chat. Thanks = )
Lesbian kisses

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I've been halfheartedly working on some kind of statement if The Case goes to trial. I'm expecting some kind of "how did that make you feel/affect you?" question.

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It's rough, I know... but is this a good start? Will this work? I've never had to do anything like this at all, so I don't know what questions to expect, or how to word anything. This is just what I came up with at work while bored and trying not to fall asleep...