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So...yesturday...my firend Chris came over....he skipped school and was over at 730am.
So..everythign was ok..for a while. we watched alot of movies and just sat on my bed...than the idiot started putting the moves on me..
Ok..I went out with this kid for a whole summer and a few months in Freshman year..he knows my past, he knows his boundries and his limits..but yet he still pushed them and STILL tries to get farther.
It fucking makes me angry and sad and im NOT ok with it.God dman him. After he left I just cried adn I ended upp cutting becuase it felt like it did with my brother. I hate it I hate it and im so sorry.
Im a tease...actually I was ...Im so sorry, ill stop, I swaer. Im sorry im so so sorry.

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Does anyone know how to recover repressed memories? I took a checklist-quiz-thing about rape and I have all of the symptoms. So basically I probably WAS raped, I just dont remember. Damn it. Help, please?

Another thing--

Im in love with a guy. Problem. Ive been terrified of romantic relationships since the abuse.

Yet more--

This guy at my dive practice is always all over me but I can never tell him to stop. I thought he knew that I hated guys and intimacy, but he still puts his arm around me and touches my thigh and asked if he could kiss me. i dont know how to tell him to stop without seemign cruel.


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Hey, guys..Im a newbie. I dont have much time to post as much as I would like to, but...in a nutshell. I was emotionally/mentally and physically abused and threatened in the sixth grade, and I just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship that also included death threats/etc. Since about sixth or seventh grade, an adult family friend has been making me very sexually uncomfortable by touching me and such...and I am afraid that he is doing it to my sister and friends, too!!

I'm scared, because I dont know how to make him stop. I cant tell my parents, because they are really good friends with him and I dont want anyone to get in trouble.

What should I do?

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hey everyone,

i am a 22 year old graduate student. this year i started therapy to deal with issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse. i have been diagnosed with ptsd, depression, and anxiety. when i was 15 and i saw the abuser's sister i had an intense flooding of memories and although i thought i was crazy and created another person, the therapist calls it dissociation and says it's normal. i also have issues with binge eating but therapy has helped in that aspect considerably even though i haven't even brought it up yet.

anyway, i was sexually abused by a neighboor when i was around 4 yrs old. the house my parents chose for my child care consisted of an alcoholic father and an incredibly messed up son (the abuser). i remember a couple images very clearly and the rest is kinda vague and confusing. i remember having him take my clothes off and holding me down and him putting cigarettes inside of me, and i remember sitting on my knees and seeing his penis right in front of me. i have always remembered those two scenes, but i don't remember anything else actually happening and i don't remember being scared. i'm not exactly sure how much happened or how long it went on for. i told my father and i was removed (hopefully immediately) from the situation, but besides telling my dad when i was very young, my family has never spoke about it. my dad has asked me a few times what i remember but i get uncomfortable and haven't been able to talk about it with him yet.

my question to you all is...if you were abused around the age of 4, how much do you remember? it's frustrating b/c i was so young and i just don't know exactly what happened.

thanks and i hope everyone is doing well.

My Story

From when I first started developing, around 9, to when I was 12 and finally had the courage to confront him instead of lying limp, like I was sleeping or dead, I was sexually abused.
This is my story.
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credit to olivia b for the photo!

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This has been a long jouney for me, and much of what I've accomplished in the last few years is reflected in what follows, which is the original monologue that I wrote to accompany my university's V-day benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues in February this year. For those of you who don't know, V-day is associated with the Vagina Monologues and Eve Ensler, and is a day dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. See www.vday.org for details.

*deep breath*

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