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my ex-boyfriend, who was the one who sexually assaulted me, decided to call me at 1:30 in the morning. i haven't been speaking to him for almost half a year, and he sent me two text messages out of the blue two days ago. i ignored his text messages, so now he's calling me in the middle of the night.

i cut off his phone call, and went back to bed.

and then i had a nightmare.

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so william has tryed to call me like 6 times today but i didn't answer he left a message and i'm affraid to listen to it today was prettty ok i guess as i stated in my other post i didn't go to the court date today but the people did call me to let me know what happend and i guess he never showed they put a bench warrant out for him then late tonight he got arrested i'm suppose to have court now today/wesday but again ain't going b/c they told me the out comes what where most likely going to be which i already knew he's going to have to stay on supervision now until he's 18 

 skewl is like a month away and i'am getting really nervus b/c i'm going to be trying to go full days of skewl instead of half days i'm afraid of not being able to do it which i'm gonna push myself as hard as i can to stay in full days of skewl this is a huge step but i think i can do it i hope b/c my freshmen year i ended up not going at all after being assulted then sophmore yr i was doing half days now this yr we're trying for full ahhhh it's just stressful just thinking about but ya thats about it for now

this is why

ok so it's hard for me to talk about the things that bother me thats why i was gonna completly leave live journal but i've came to my sense as i said in my last post i gotta diffrent name but to let u all know what lead up to that was some harsh comments such as.... after u read the comments thats why i feel like shit and thats only like half of them and thats why i have cryed myself to sleep the last 2 nights so right now my self esteem is very very low but ya
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hey guys i just thought i would let u know my health is getting better i'm actualy able to keep things down now which is good lastnight was really hard for me with finding all these put downs and comments of me i cryed myself to sleep last night b/c of it all i know there just words but still words do hurt speacialy when it's coming from like 30 diffrent people that don't know a thing about me i won't be posting any more pics of me for my icon and i'm gonna be getting a diffrent e-mail address but i hope you all r doing good

pissed very pissed and this ain't going out to my gurls out there helping me out

this is f*cking bullshit i'm sick of this f*cking shit i get harrased every where i go  and i find a place where i can be myself then people come in and f*ck it over and ya trying to file a harrasment complaint but the e-mails and comments to one of the peoples didn't do sh*t it said they couldn't help all i really can say right now is thank god my god son is here LJ is falling apart people are f*cking jerks and you know who you are i'm sick of this sh*t and knowone helping out like the mod i'm just really really really sick of this crap i'm here for support not to be put down get called names and ugly e-mails


i'm sick of lj and the harrasment i'm seriously think about closing down my accout i don't deserve to be called a fatty and the most ugliest picture also someone saying oh jenny craig must of failed i'm sick of it all lj is falling apart  people coming in and attacking our community its bs i can't takr it live journal have changed so much so if u could i would like to report two people on harrasment and if this is the wrong place to go to help then connect me to somone vthat could please thanks very much tiff