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Hello, my name is Bean. I am female [though I identify as gender queer] and 18 years old. I have been victim to rape and molestation at a very young age which was ongoing for many years. Only after a recent hospitalization on a psychiatric unit have I started coming out about my experience, facing it, and reaching out to others. I have discovered that reading, writing, and discussing this issue is one of the most important things we can do. I am now writing my senior project on the issue, and I would appreciate any help I can get with this interview. The topic of this project is How Does Rape Affect Women's Sexual Identity? If you could help me with this by taking some of your time to share your experience with me, I would very much appreciate it. My deadline has been generously bumped though at the sacrifice of not graduating with my class, so if you can do it before Friday, it would be so very helpful.

Please send replies either as a comment to my blog posts or in an email to jakeandyears@hotmail.com
You may make up a fake name for yourself for me to cite you by. If you are uncomfortable with my knowing your blog username or email address, I have set up the following email account from which you can email me:


the password is: abcd123

Thank you so much again and in advance.

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