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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
31st-Mar-2008 10:26 pm(no subject)
I have a ton to say in this post. And just needed to vent on some of the things that have been going on as of late.
Cut for friends, betrayal, trust issues, counseling, memories of rape (no details, family stuff that is going on (moving, parents getting back together, dealing with my father (who is my rapist), mentioned of using illegal drugs, mention of past abuse. And I think that is it. Tell me if I missed anything.
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If anyone of you got through this beast of a post props to you. And thanks for listening.
27th-May-2007 05:02 pm - i'm not bipolar, i swear

*sighs* here i am again. ha ha tricked you! you thought you'd gotten rid of me.

I guess I have no real reason to be complaining. 

much <333 from -kat who recently found a reason to keep on going
and special thanks to EVERYONE who replied to my totally emo post.
much luv to everyone who has been knocked down and knows the'll b knocked down again but they get up anyways to try again

Well I've been following this community and yall's entries for awhile and I feel like a coward for not putting anything. And there seem to be alot of people who comment, so maybe I'll have better luck with the feedback here than just on my livejournal.

I dont want anyone to be hurt by what I say, so i'll label the lj cut thing w/ whats on there, but plz be careful and know that im trying to sort everything out and doing it on paper because i dont have anywhere else.


14th-May-2007 02:55 pm(no subject)

Does anyone find that others notice a mean streak in you after you break up with someone....or become interested in other women? Does this even make sense?
i have to get this out. it's killing me...i need men to read this, specifically; i don't know why they'd be on this site...but i need to know that not all men are rapists. My story and existential crisis that has followed...Collapse )
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