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Lesbian kisses

I love happy surprises!

Srsly, I do. I walked into work last night, and as I was turning in my keys, Mick pulled me over and was all like, "So, you're pressing charges against {insert name here}?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Because you can't work in that house any more. Effective immediately, you're in {other house}."


[later that night, I asked him how he knew, and why it was so sudden. He said that someone from the police called and said I wasn't allowed to be in the same house as He is. Whoever that was, I owe them. Big time.]

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Sorry I dissapeared everyone. I'd like to read everyone's posts and comment, but I'm too trigger sensitive. This has been my life for the past two weeks. I cut it because some of it might be triggering, but mostely for length. I hope hope everyone is being safe though. Hugs and safe thoughts to everyone.

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