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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
31st-Jul-2005 11:47 am(no subject)
For quite some times I have been a lurker and on few occasions I have commented in here. Everything is still very fresh in my mind. It has been months since I have been able to work.

cut because it could be triggering. Also where do we go when no one will stand up for us? When No one will hear our voices?Collapse )
26th-Apr-2005 08:20 am - Inroduction:
I found this on LJ while looking for a LJ AlAnon and CoDA to join. Ha, the longer I am here on LJ, the more I absolutely love what LJ has to offer!!

I am currently in the middle of a divorce, and have found that abuse can take on many many forms. I have a good support system currently, and have my ups and down days, but one day at a time I am firmly and completely removing this person from my life.

I hope to be a friend as well as make friends here. I don't want to go into my history at this time, but I have seen a lot of growth in myself over the years. I refuse to be a victim. I will post my history a little at a time.

I hope every one has a good day.

My motto for today is: Abuse is born out of weakness and fear. I am strong and I am unafraid.
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