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22nd-Apr-2008 04:04 pm - I Feel Dead Inside

Ever since New Years, I seem to be depressed, more so than usual...I'm already diagnosed as Manic Depressive with PTSD, etc...however, I seem to be more depressed than usual...and, also especially lonely...can anybody else relate????

I also seem to be watching a LOT of YouTube, especially videos of couples, such as Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Holly and Vince, and anybody else I can think of.....
16th-Dec-2007 09:38 pm(no subject)
Cut for--- feeling like I am forced into having sex, memories of rape (no details), suicidal ideas, feeling like things are out of control, cutting, family issues, smoking pot, drinking, and the possibility of being pregnant.
This post is going to be jumping back and forth, like where ever my thoughts go-- then I will be typing it out like that. Just saying. Now on to my post.

19th-Aug-2007 02:03 pm - Bad Mood
Not sure how I feel at the moment. Just feeling blah. No, take that back. Feeling a little bad about myself
30th-Jul-2007 05:09 pm - WHEEEEEEEE
Lesbian kisses
Oy. It's been an interesting week!

cut for bipolar, meds, SI, etc. but it's GOOD!Collapse )
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